Monday, January 03, 2005

So a couple of things..

My kids are in the studio recording I Wanna Be Sedated with Marky Ramone right now so hopefully I'll have some gossip tomorrow. This really bites -- my son has given me all kinds of dirt on bands that have recorded at Studio 4 (formerly Ruffhouse Records) but I can't blab any of it here...I could get him in trouble. He's told me some really fun stuff about some really famous bands. So if anyone wants to buy me a drink....

Secondly, while I'm not losing, I'm not doing great in the Best New Blog 2004 competition. They're posting numbers now and I have 25 votes. I'm losing to the guy with the shoe fetish for fucks sake! So I'm begging now - if you haven't voted yet, I'm on my knees here, and don't forget to verify your vote when they email you by clicking on the link in said email or your vote won't count. Please don't let me lose to feet...

Oh, to make it easy, vote here

Third, go lock your doors, kick the kids out of the room, and read an excerpt from my new novel, Three Days in New York City

And finally, buy this book by my pal Tom Saunders! It so, so rocks! Brother, What Strange Place is This?

So, to sum it up - (1)I'll have more recording gossip tomorrow one way or another, even if I can't tell you all the really good stuff )(well, Marky Ramone, like um, how good can it be...I'm gonna hope for funny); (2) vote for my blog, and most importantly (3-4)buy my book and Tom's, and err (5) I've now gone two consecutive days without white sugar or flour and I feel much better. I'm even giving up alcohol until further notice.

Okay, until Friday night, anyway. But drinking = Friday night = long standing tradition.