Saturday, January 15, 2005


So tonight is kind of a bummer. Eric is playing in one of his last shows for Rock School - the music of Jesus Christ Superstar - and I'm still not feeling well enough to go. Luckily his dad and Julie are there or I'd really feel guilty. I missed his last show, too, but that was because it was King Diamond and well - Eric knows it and he's cool with it - I can't handle their music. Of course I'm not crazy about the music of Jesus Christ Superstar, either, but I've never even missed one concert in all these years let alone two in a row and I would have been there for sure tonight if I didn't feel like such crap.

Oh god I'm getting old. I never thought I'd ever hear myself utter those words. When I was younger I thought hmpff, I'm never going to get old because I'm always going to love rock music blah blah never occurred to me that rock music as I knew it would change. Or that I would be so crotchety. But it's true. I'm losing patience with everyone these days and I know it's me. Okay, I think it's me, but I'm not one hundred per cent sure. It's entirely possible the rest of the world has gone stupid.

Nah, it's me.

Meanwhile, Eric's had this amazing week. Monday he took the train to Boston (like over a five hour ride) to have a drum lesson with Gary Chaffee. He mapquested the walk to his house and it was over five miles but Eric walks all over Philadelphia and is used to it -- but what was really wild was that in Boston, there was snow everywhere. He's so cool and unafraid; he walked all over the city; went to his lesson, which was this three hour, really intensive incredible thing, and then walked five miles in the snow back to the train station for another five and a half hour ride. He left the house at 6:00 a.m. that morning and got home 2:00 a.m. And Gary Chaffee is taking him on as a student! This means he'll do this once a month. It freaks me out that a seventeen year old is so dedicated to his art. Hmm...just thinking about this now is making me less cranky already.

Then, he did rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar all week, played one show last night after which he played another gig at the Troc - a benefit for Pig Iron. He played drums on two songs - White Lines and Sympathy for the Devil. Then he's doing another show tonight...he's in fucking heaven.

In other news, as I continue to live vicariously through Eric and Julie, they told me the movie soundtrack they're recording will be released April 12 by Jive Records, and that the official movie premiere is April 15. I started thinking that there's going to be a big Philadelphia premiere with a red carpet, etc. and then I realized I totally live in fantasy world.

But hey, you never know -- it could happen.