Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Okay at last! Some more photos from the studio...

Last night, taking a much needed break after hours of recording, we have, left to right, Marky Ramone, crazy Joey Randazzo (if you read my book The Tour, he's the one who drank water out of my son's dirty rain-soaked sock, put on a dress to sing a punked out version of Scenes from an Italian Restaurant...and is just the consummate performer on stage)and of course next to Joey is my handsome wildly talented drummer son, Eric, and next to Eric is one of the best 17 year old female lead guitar players in the universe - Ms. Grace Hollander (yep, also mentioned in The Tour).

And here's one of Marky jamming out. Wow. I wonder what it must feel like, being the lone surviving Ramone. Kind of surreal, I'd imagine.

In case you're wondering where daughter Julie is, she's both the photographer and the recording engineer. But I hear a rumor someone snapped her pic so as soon as I get it, I'll post it!

Whoops -- this just in -- here's a couple more pics:

That would be Marky on drums and Grace Hollander and Madison Flego on guitar...and if you read The Tour, you already know how I feel about Madison and her fantastic vocals, plus she plays a mean guitar as well. Both of these girls are the two sweetest people you'd ever want to meet.

And that's Madison and Marky again, and the kid hunched over and hiding in the hooded sweatshirt is Madison's boyfriend and my adopted son, Louie, one of the best 18 year old male lead guitar players ever - he'd embarrass some seasoned vets...this kid grew up with my kids and he'd pick up a guitar when he'd come over to play video games since we have guitars out in stands all over the house and I could tell he had enormous talent so I hooked him up with Paul when he was fourteen/fifteen years old and now he's making a fucking CD with Marky Ramone and oh man, Eric said I have to stop mentioning the other stars involved or I'll get them all in trouble.

Hang on - Julie's in that photo! That's her in the denim coat and jeans with her face (of course) turned away from the camera.

Anyway, I'll get even with Louie for hiding when his pic was being taken - here's one of him on stage this summer in the red t-shirt and tan shorts. That's Haffie on the far left - another awesome guitarist and mentioned prominently in The Tour, and of course Napoleon again on vocals, my son on drums, and our resident diva, Teddi in the skirt and if you squint hard, daughter Julie is in there, too, playing bass on the right in the back.

So. I'm still not allowed to tell any studio stories but I did find out one thing: Both kids in unison said "Marky is really, really nice!".