Thursday, January 13, 2005

I have left my sick bed...

Okay, even I can't stay in bed for four straight days.

So today's news:

(1) I have a tongue in cheek interview in the Santa Fe Writers Project today, courtesy of fellow writer Alan Baird and I invite you to please check it out. Hopefully it will also entice you to buy my book!

(2) The kids (well, not by name) are once again mentioned in today's Philadelphia Daily News as recording their movie soundtrack and now the name of Deep Purple's Ian Gilliam has been added to the mix as he's going to record "Highway Star" with them next week. Don't know the song and I'm gonna admit it, I was never a Deep Purple fan, but I'm sure I will be one now.

Or not.

Ugh, I really am sick. Physically, I mean. We already know about mentally. It's been confirmed by several people, even me.

Anyway, more later.

I hope.