Friday, January 07, 2005

Hahahaha - apparently Dave Mustaine has never heard these "kids"...

This is too funny. Dave Mustaine of Megadeath does daily posts on his website. Have a look at this:

Gear and Rock School

The last of the touring gear showed up here in Fallbrook yesterday. And excluding the new gear that we had to get, (James bass cab cases) only my horses are left to complete my move back to Cali.

I really miss Arizona already, and I will be trying go back and visit all my friends, fans, and the land out there that I love. Other than that I am readjusting back to California life. Remember, I am a California native that was born in San Diego, so I just have to do some re-adjusting.

Now, some news: Bob Chippardi asked me if I would be interested in singing "Peace Sells" for a movie soundtrack, and I asked for more info. It seems there is a real "Rock School" behind the movie of the same name.

And the students have recorded "Peace Sells," to which I am honored and am going to be cutting vocals for a special edition of this classic for them. It should be good fun, and please don't get all critical and stuff! Its kids!

So that's that!

Okay, I'm laughing my ass off at "Dave's" post because he's telling his fans "good fun and don't get all's kids!"

Hahahahaha - these "kids" play circles around everyone. He's gonna fucking die when he hears the tape of my son and Brandon King on drums and my daughter on bass performing Peace Sells along with Rock School greats guitarists Dan Nitz and my other "son", Louie. I wish I could be there to watch his jaw drop to the ground. It's gonna leave a six foot hole in the earth!

But...let's give him a high five for calling his fans "droogies" because as anyone who knows me is aware, that term is from the brilliant Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange, which is my all time favorite film and one of my favorite classic books.

And oh crap. This means I'm gonna have to visit the Megadeath forum board every day now to see what he says when he has his first listen to the kids' treatment of Peace Sells.

Woo hoo.