Sunday, November 07, 2004

Tour pics...

I got nothing. I mean, as concerns the novel. Instead of working on it yesterday, I went off on a tangent and wrote a short story. I'm truly hopeless. Just like I'm dying to post what my novel actually looks like because it's now being advertised on the publisher's page, but I can't remember how to do it. I know I can't copy their address because it takes away from their broadband or something...I dunno, my son explained it to me once...all I know is I have to somehow download it to a server first and he usually does that for me but he didn't come home last night, so I'm helpless. Anyway, it even says "Coming in 2005" on their site. I still haven't grasped this entirely and refuse to fantasize too much, but I must admit, I'm enjoying myself.

I will, however, post some photos I took from the tour. Paul actually made me official concert photographer (anything to make me happy and you'll find out why later)...but it's true, I am nuts with the camera and it's yet another thing I'd be doing if I didn't have that stupid day job.

Here's a shot of the kids doing Devo:

Here's Jeremy, Jimmy Page look and sound a like...wait, I take that back...he's better than Jimmy!

and CJ on guitar, Dom on sax (Jim Morrison all the way) and Napoleon Murphy Brock, who of course played with Frank Zappa for several years and joined the kids for many of their shows...