Tuesday, November 09, 2004

NaNo NaNo


NaNo is killing me this year.

Who came up with this concept, anyway? A novel of 50,000 words in 30 days during the month of November. I still haven't recovered from the election for fuck's sake.

Where is all my past enthusiasm? I was pretty happy this morning when I discovered I had over 11,000 words written for The Tour, until I realized how off target I am. I need 25,000 words by November 15 to stay on track. This would be easy - 2,333 words a day - if I didn't have this fucking day job and I wasn't going to be away for the weekend.

So far this week, besides my job, I still have some editing on my upcoming novel; I have to somehow throw a press packet together for this weekend which means bribing my daughter because it involves the use of Adobe Photoshop and I am completely hopeless at that; I've been talking to my publisher actively about the sequel to Three Days and now that this has happened, I can't shut my brain off and I want to work on that; I have a bunch of stories to read and review for my editing gig at Philadelphia Stories, and normally, I would love all of the aforesaid but I have to do it all in conjunction with the every day, mundane crap I hate like bill paying, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Okay, I'm lying. I'm ordering pizza/Chinese food all week and kicking shoes under the sofa. And the kids have enough clothes so that I probably don't have to do the wash for another month.

But still.

I want to drop out of NaNo so bad but I can't. I'm Philadelphia Municipal Liaison.
Why did I take that on, too?


I need help.