Thursday, November 04, 2004

I dunno...

So I've had an epiphany and now I'm way pissed because I realize I don't want to write the book on the tour as part of National Novel Writing Month and I've already wasted four days and am almost 6,000 words in. I want to write the sequel to my novel instead. This is of course particularly amazing since I didn't even know I was going to write a sequel until the publisher said they'd like to see one and I had not one single idea nor did I particularly want to do it anyway until naturally I committed myself to writing the memoir of the tour. I'm also annoyed I haven't written a short story or a flash in almost a month. This totally sucks. I've been walking around the house for two hours, trying to come up with something, and instead my brain keeps droning on with the facts of the tour. My brain is even talking to me in a flat monotone. Oh my god, I'm so bored with the whole narration. I am so not a non fiction writer.

I have an opening line for a flash and I don't know where the hell to take it.

"Her sister has invited her to lunch, but when she arrives, her sister's cat is on the dining room table eating the shrimp while her six year old son crouches underneath, eating a stick of butter".

See how pathetic I am at the moment? That's the best I can do.