Monday, November 01, 2004

Evacuate the building!

So this was great. We just had to evacuate our office building because of a bomb threat. We're right across the street from Kerry campaign headquarters.

What was particularly awful about this is usually we just have a fire alarm that goes off. This time we had a loudspeaker.

"An emergency has been declared. Please leave the building at once!" and this kept repeating and repeating.

Ugh, we're on the 14th floor. I freaking flew down those steps. Meanwhile, there is total insanity out on the streets. Honk if you love Bush, Honk if you love Kerry - so of course everyone is honking and then there are fire trucks with loud sirens rushing to my building. It was nuts. Here's what amazes me. An emergency is declared and all the tenants hang directly outside the building like idiots. I mean, if you got a message An emergency has been declared, evacuate, why the fuck would you stand anywhere near that place?

Since there's only three elevators in this cheesy place, even after we were cleared to go back, it took a half hour. I'm still wondering what the emergency was. No one is talking.