Sunday, May 01, 2011

Hey ho

Oh, happy 1st of May and oh, Mercury how thankful I am that you have gone direct :)

In fact, here's how my May horoscope started out...I don't think I want to click on the "read more" part because the first paragraph on the splash page is good enough for me...

"What an extraordinary month you have in store! May will be one of the happiest months of the year, and it will have none of the crosscurrents that you had to deal with in other months, ones that detoured your progress. In April, for example, Mercury had been retrograde nearly all month, from March 30 to April 23. That was then, but this now - what you see in May is a nearly picture-perfect month!"

Well, it is true that in the past couple of days, lots of awesome stuff has been happening and even more is on the horizon but I've been told by both kids I am not permitted to blab. That being so, while I will always love this blog and will definitely keep it around for when I can announce huge news, I am moving over to Facebook notes for my daily journal. That way, I can update regularly with my crazy private thoughts and links but I will be able to control who reads it because yes, you will have to be my Facebook friend and that can be accomplished by clicking this link.

But again, this blog is far from over. One thing I really wanted to do but never quite got off the ground was to make this a review site for books and music I love. So that might happen. And then there's my fascination with food. Do I believe I am a vegetarian for almost two years? Crazy. Who would have ever thought. So you might be treated to excerpts of the cookbook in progress that Julie and I have been threatening to write for the past year.

So this is not goodbye, just more of a heads up as to where you can find me and my latest news...but continue to keep your eye on this space because it will be evolving and who knows...

But yes, both Julie and Eric do have major announcements about upcoming shows and collaborations. And so do I!

Talk soon. xo