Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dr. Dog at KCRW on June 30, 2010

ETA: You are all coming to Julie's show at World Cafe Live tonight, right? She's opening for Adrian Belew, and who knows, she may even play a song with him....but that is just conjecture at this point and whatever happens, happens. Here's an awesome mention in today's Philadelphia Weekly about Julie, Eric, Dr. Dog, and, dear God, even me. I do believe that's the first time "esteemed" has ever been used in conjunction with my name but what the hell, I accept it gratefully!

In case you missed the live webstream of Dr. Dog's amazing show today at KCRW radio, they were not only kind enough to put it up on their site, they even provided the code so I can embed the whole hour long concert, complete with interviews, here.