Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's been going down Part III and Happy Birthday Julie Slick!

ETA: From last night's show in Rhode Island and now I see what Eric meant about the stage decor. Very cool.

Good morning!

Well, let me start off by saying: HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY JULIE SLICK!

Sigh...I remember when she was just a young lass of 23.

Wasn't I just 24 yesterday? Arghh...where are the years going? Ah well. I'm one of the lucky ones. Life is good.

And life is especially good for Eric Slick right now, who, if I am to believe the powers of Twitter, had another most excellent show last night.

@CarolineRCook: "Frankie thanks for the great show! Dr. Dog's amazing!" And she posted this pic:

@JawsForJesus: "Dr. Dog! In concert! Fuck yeah!"

@taylordukes: "Dr. Dog is quite fantastic."

@nabokovsnose: "Dr. Dog: Totally fucking excellent. Never put on a bad show, these guys."

In the Buffalo News, an article by brililant music critic Jeff Miers regarding the band's upcoming show Monday, February 1 at Mohawk Place in his fair city:

Published: January 29, 2010,

Dog days

Formed as a freaky home-studio project in Philadelphia, Dr. Dog might have remained a local legend — or perhaps just a place for the band’s intellectual but decidedly irreverent members to store all of their wildest fantasies, via digital bits and bytes — minus the intervention of old-fashioned luck.

Dr. Dog started getting very good very quickly after forming in the late 1990s, as members Scott McMicken, Toby Leaman and Zach Miller set about honing the studio craft represented by the indie releases “Psychedelic Swamp,” “Toothbrush,” “Easy Beat,” “We All Belong” and “Fate” through beaucoup touring. Somewhere along the line, some benevolent angel slipped a cassette compilation of Dr. Dog tunes to My Morning Jacket singer/songwriter/ guitarist Jim James, who quickly fell in love with what he heard and signed the band to open its 2005 tour.

Now, Dr. Dog is signed to the coolest of big time independent labels — Anti-, the home of Tom Waits and other folks who are almost as cool.

The band has a new drummer, too. Certainly, it won’t hurt these guys to be playing with the skinsman who, for my money, is the finest his particular generation has yet produced — one Eric Slick, known to Buffalo audiences for the blistering performances he’s offered as one third of the stellar Adrian Belew Power Trio.

Slick is still a member of the Belew Power Trio, but he’ll be with Dr. Dog when the band debuts material from its upcoming release “Shame, Shame” in Mohawk Place at 8 p. m. Monday. The Growlers will open the show."

Jeff Miers has the honor of being the writer of my favorite review of the Adrian Belew Power Trio EVER so it's really cool to see him now writing about Dr.'s a link to that article, which was written in September, 2009 following their performance at the Tralf Music Hall.

Here's some more press out of Buffalo, brought to you by ArtVoice:

"Dr. Dog
On Monday (Feb. 1), Dr. Dog will bring their sixties-influenced pop-rock to the Mohawk Place. The Philadelphia-based quintet mixes lush vocal harmonies and jangling guitar chords like some bygone AM radio station, spelling out summertime with hopeful songs about the breeze, sunny days, and dreams. The band formed in 2002 with lead vocal duties shared by Toby Leaman and Scott McMicken, who also play bass and lead guitar, respectively. Other band members include Frank McElroy (rhythm guitar), Zach Miller (keyboard), and Eric Slick (drums). Dr. Dog found their first major success with the release of 2007’s We All Belong, which made its way onto Rolling Stone’s Best Album and Best Song lists that year. Their song “My Friend” was featured in the trailer for Judd Apatow’s Funny People, taken from 2008’s Fate, released on Park the Van records. The band has since found a new home at ANTI- records, and 2010 will see the release of the new album Shame, Shame, out April 6. The first single, “Shadow People,” will be released only when the band’s Facebook page reaches 20,000 friends (so go to and become a fan.) Monday’s (Feb. 1) show at Mohawk Place will likely be a showcase for the new album’s songs fresh from the studio. Special guests will be Long Beach, CA’s the Growlers, supporting their album Are You In Or Out.

—peter vullo"

So that covers Buffalo...tonight the band is playing in Syracuse, New York at the Wescott Theater and if you want to purchase tickets, here's the link to make it easy for you.

Okay, it's still pretty early and I'm sure more stuff will pop up during the day. As usual, I'll come back to this post with my ETAs ("edited to add" for those of you wondering what the fuck I'm talking about) and keep you all up to date. But for now, more coffee awaits.