Thursday, June 25, 2009

On Sale Today: Adrian Belew Power Trio Rare Live Overseas Recording

Okay, let's have a big welcome for the Adrian Belew Power Trio, finally on iTunes and Amazon! But not just any recording...a rare, live performance from overseas!

Where was it recorded and when? That's a secret. One which I cannot reveal.

But trust me, it's amazing. Side Four Live tunes...and yet it's not Side Four Live. And not just because of bonus songs Neurotica and Frame by Frame. Have a listen to the samples over at Amazon or iTunes and you'll see what I mean.

Here's the track list:

1. Writing On the Wall
2. Dinosaur
3. Ampersand
4. Young Lions
5. Beat Box Guitar
6. A Little Madness
7. Drive
8. Neurotica
9. Of Bow and Drum
10. Frame By Frame
11. Three of a Perfect Pair
12. Thela Hun Ginjeet

The link to buy it/listen to some samples on Amazon...

And the link for iTunes...and if for some reason the iTunes link does not work because we all know I'm technology challenged, try this one.



lightconstruction said...

Incredible! New material I must get as soon as I get back home from work. I noticed that track 4& 5 samples seem to feature "The Percussive One" & song 6 samples feature "The Barefooted Priestess of Collective Cool Consciousness" ;-) Can't wait to hear the entire thing when I get home tonight! Thanks for the update!


RobinSlick said...

Your review was amazing. I am so happy Sid Smith at DGMLive linked it! Eric sent it to Adrian as well..everyone was thrilled.