Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's all about Eric Slick, anyway


Well, I've been back from Florida for almost a week and this is the first time I am up for blogging...I've been so fucking sick it's ridiculous and all I could think was that I did not want to be known as "the first reported case of swine flu in Philadelphia - a woman living in the Art Museum area"...anyway, I still feel like hell so instead of telling you all about my fun and games at the RT Convention last week, I will quickly bring you up to speed about Eric Slick, who has a ton of really cool gigs this month while the Adrian Belew Power Trio is on brief sabbatical until June.

So first up is tonight, and here's a big secret -- if you are a fan of the Grateful Dead and want to meet them, now is your chance. Eric is playing double drums with Bodega at the Official Live Nation Dead Tour After Party and yes, yes, the Dead are going to show up and jam after midnight following their show at the Spectrum tonight. I have never been a fan but it still should be a blast and c'mon, it's the was originally scheduled for a smaller club in West Chester but they just moved it for obvious reasons.

Tomorrow Eric is playing SHREDfest at the Rotunda in West Philadelphia starting at 7:00 p.m.

On Monday, he takes off for a secret location for a rehearsal with a top secret band...if all goes well, see you at Nearfest on June 20?

Continuing on...May 9 Eric will be gigging with Ellis Ashbrook at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City...on May 10, he'll be with Travis Woodson at the Tritone in Philadelphia...and of course June 10 he'll be with the Adrian Belew Power Trio at the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga...and I think that covers any and all interesting and notable gigs he has at the moment but you never know with Eric, something is basically always happening but these are the best of the best...and in closing, I want to leave you with a few You Tubes that just popped up from a couple of years ago when Eric played the World Cafe Live with Chris Harford and Mickey and Aaron from Ween...just some gorgeous, gorgeous stuff...

Okay, back to bed for me. I'll report back about the RT Convention either tomorrow or was way too much fun, I can tell you that.