Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Adrian Belew Power Trio on Tour - Part II

Okay, as the reviews and comments roll in from the current Adrian Belew Power Trio tour, I'll continue to add them here but first up, from our friends at the Frank Zappa forum board where I also lifted this picture...

"The Adrian Belew Power Trio was awesome! They played a bunch of stuff from their forth coming album "e" and it sounded sick! His Parker is insane! He had this crazy seat mounted on a big spring which allowed him to bounce all over the place so he could access all of his crazy pedals! Near the end of the show he ran the guitar through a keyboard that made it sound like a piano. It was the craziest shit I ever heard come out of a guitar! The Slick siblings were amazing. Eric is an awesome drummer and Julie is not just another chick on bass, she manhandles that beast with some authority! It was an awesome show!"

A couple of comments made over at the trio's MySpace site and Ade's blog:

"Adrian @ Blueberry Hill, Duck Room, St Louis, my 3rd time seeing him there, and this was the best show ever!!!!

Shows you what a power trio really is--
OMG it was intoxicating just listening to it.....

i can't even describe some of the music. Very high art, organized chaos/contrapointe, in the highest level of crimsonite/ (i think i just coined a word there) art rock/ jazz --- i don't know!!!!!!!!!! Then some very heavy bluesy hard rock intelligence on other songs.

Adrian is like a Zen master onstage and off.
The best rhythm section to come along in years.

Although if i was Adrian, that guy with the 1970's porno mustache leaning over the monitor would have creeped me out a bit...

i'm exhausted and going back to bed :-)
Thank you Power Trio, Thank you!!!"

"What a great concert at The Southgate House! It was like a great metal concert and a night with The Kronos Quartet at the same time..."

"Thanks for the show at St Louis! The entire trio was amazing as usual!"

"Adrian and the Slick kids are smokin' hot, lots of new material..."

And as a side note, I really dug the fact that Adrian's song, Model Man, was on this week fashion runway soundtrack in Paris or Milan or someplace like that for Fashion least according to this.

Okay, that's all I've got for now but I will keep updating throughout the day/night.