Friday, April 17, 2009

Adrian Belew Power Trio on Tour - April, 2009

It's 5:00 a.m. and the reviews from the first two Adrian Belew Power Trio shows are just starting to roll in...


Pete Foley is responsible for the amazing above collage, and he writes:

"Late post of a montage from last night. This is the the astounding Adrian Belew Power trio, comprising the legendary Adrian Belew, supported by the awesome Julie and Eric Slick. I think Adrian may be the best guitarist in the world. His unique style has made him the long standing frontman of King Crimson, as well as playing in a who's who of top bands including Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, Paul Simon, and The Bears. Julie and Eric Slick are brother and sister. Julie was a revelation as a bass player - delivering a stunning combination of complex riffs and fills, crunching power chords, and belew-esque sound effects. As a bass player myself, all I can say is "I am not worthy!" Eric is the best young drummer I've heard in years. These shots are not my usual quality, as I left the Nikon at home. I wanted to concentrate on the music, not on getting the right shot. I'm posting this just in case you see this guys billed as playing in your area. Please Go, you'll thank me!"

And then there is this, from Rhea Hayes, a long time dj and fan of King Crimson...well...I can't find the link to her blog but in reading it over the years, she has musical taste similar to my own...wait, never mind, I just found the link to her site...and whoops, see Rhea's comment below...seems I screwed up some facts...nothing unusual about that (insert smiley face emoticon here)

"I just got back from the show at Blueberry Hill in St. Louis. It was hot in there! Something really amazing happened: the band played an encore, and the show was over. The audience would not stop cheering. Loudly. The band came back out for another encore - it looked like it was unplanned and they came back out because of the audience response.

And something personally amazing too. Adrian came out to sign autographs after the show. Roy and I were waiting. When we got up to Adrian, he said "Hi Rhea, how you doing?" to me. It blows my mind that one of my favorite musicians knows me by name. Guess I see him often enough!"

I am sure there will be more but I just wanted to get this post going and will definitely add to it as more news/photos etc. come in...

***Like this, from Block Dog:

"It was a good show indeed, good crowd. Saul Zonna opened up as a one man band, sold his cdsross as a donation to the Red Cross in light of the recent tornados in TN.s

The show opened with 20 minutes of "e" which is shaping up nicely as a complicated instrumental with KC elements and some familiar structure themes here and there. Julie and Eric rocked hard. Adrian said the new one will be out in June. Apparantly it will contain no lyrics.

"e" went into a short drum break which transitioned into Young Lions, Writing on the Wall, Ampersand, Beat Box Guitar...

I'm afraid I missed the encore sections as apparently, I'm getting old. I had a long day and my back was bothering me. I hung out back at the merch table with Martha most of the evening as the packed house didn't allow for much closer viewing.
Got to meet Gary Slick and the wonderkins."

****And from John:

"Julie radiated all night like a mirror ball, intoxicating. Eric was relentless. And Adrian, he was...well, SLICK! Really, I think he packed a comb! I brought a friend whom had never heard them before and at the end of the show he was like a little school boy. They really ripped Young Lions. The two encores were Thela and Perfect Pair. Adrian commented on the first encore that he hadn't played a KC song all night. After Thela the band left and Adrian was half undressed when our chant pulled him out again. I saw someone prop the back door open and you could see him quickly getting dressed. Afterwards he commented that St. Louis was one of the loudest crowds so we've raised the bar for the following shows. I guess my faves were e and big electric cat. My friend is allergic to cats and even sneezed during the song. After the show Ade and the kids were cordial and inviting. Everyone should check out his stool. I teased Ade that his stool is better than Robert's and he even told me the name of it. (I forget now.) What a night. What a show!

From Simon Sonics:

"Adrian and Co. -

Whoa. What a show last night in STL. Eric and Julie are just fantastic, and a complete delight to see and hear. You guys are the best power trio in the world.