Friday, February 20, 2009

Final hours to win a copy of Daddy Left Me Alone with God

Okay, so I wrote this book...

And then I decided to have a contest so that one of you could win a copy. I asked you to write me your best six word memoirs on love and heartbreak. Some of you posted here, some posted at my blog over at Salon, and some came to me via email. Here's all of the entries I have to date...and there's still time to enter before I pick a winner by midnight eastern time. That winner will be announced tomorrow morning.

"Innocent marvel, adolescent strife, aged wisdom."

"Sex, sleep, eat, drink, dream, sob"

"Love still grows
After he dies"

"I broke love to make love."

"Attraction, Passion, Commitment, Doubt, Trust, Hope"

"Fret not. My heartbeats are yours."

"Night's magic is morning's cautionary tale."

"absence makes the heart grow fonder"

"...Two trains, coupling. She got off...."

"What I knew I learned again."

"Sadly, his clone left her again"

"Dabbled, maneuvered, attempted, succumbed, surrendered, found."

"still too verbose for six words."

"Oh, that sweet ache is you."

"No heartbreak? So, it wasn't love..."

"Married a brunette, loved a blonde"

"Their ghosts are everywhere in me."

"All I wanted...and couldn't have."

"I am love, I am loss."

"Love ABPT. Can't see. Heart breaks."

And that's what I've got so far - they are all totally fabulous and I love them all. As I said, there's still time to submit your best six words, you can enter this contest more than once, so if you are reading this here or my cross post over at Salon, to make things easier for me please put your entry under this post today (here or at Salon) or email me at; I'll come in and edit and add you to the above list, and assuming I am on my usual schedule of falling asleep early and waking up at dawn, the winning words will be posted here first thing tomorrow morning.

I have so much more to say it's ridiculous but best to leave that for my next post...just know that I had dinner last night with Julie, freshly back from recording "e" in Nashville and performing at Sweetwater Music in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and whoa, do I have stories!