Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Twitter twitter

Okay, this is a quick one though I did have dinner at my daughter's new digs last night and yes, I took photos so I'll be back to post about that later.

In the meantime...help me. I recently joined Twitter, started adding friends and people I wish were my friends (ha), and have absolutely no clue how to interact there. So I'm guessing if any of you twitter and add me to your list, then maybe I won't be talking to an empty black hole?

You can find me over there under my real name...and yes, my real name is Robin Slick, but for some reason I had to use RobinSlick as my actual user name.

Help a girl out, please. If anyone can give me a further tutorial as to how the hell it works, I would greatly appreciate it.

I did figure out how to put the widget on my blog, though...you can't miss it. But it's not a cool widget like I've seen on other blogs...it just lists my comments. I guess I need to switch to the new blogger template? Arghh...I wanted to do that, but I'm afraid I'll end up deleting the entire contents of this blog.

But it figures. I finally master MySpace, then everyone flees to Facebook. I sign up for Facebook and find it even a worse disaster than MySpace - people are poking me, sending me good karma, flowers...wtf? I go to Facebook and start to worry I have ADD because I so, so totally cannot follow what's happening there. So then I see everyone is now twittering and I think to myself, Wow, it's just blurbs. How hard can that be?

Erm...apparently when you are technology challenged...difficult as hell.