Sunday, December 07, 2008


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I am posting this entry in frustration! How would you like to get a text message from your daughter a gazillion miles away in Australia, where it's now 2:00 a.m., telling you that her band is currently having drinks with Pink Floyd's bassist and he's their new good friend? And then she leaves me hanging...

I can't think straight now. Anyway, that's a pic I lifted from someone's Flickr site in Australia. I'll give proper credit when I collect myself.

And I'll be back with more reviews and other blurbs as well.

But can she do this to me?


Whoa! Look at this over at The Gear Page!

Adrian Belew Power Trio in Melbourne, Australia
"Just saw them tonight.

Small venue- right under/ in front of his mike stand.

Julie and Eric Slick (bass and drums) are possibly the 'ultimate' band for Belew to be out front of. And being brother and sister their communication is almost like ESP. Outstanding players. Belew also gives them space to show what they can do.......
20 and 21 years of age-

some of the set that I can remember.....
Matchless man
Three of a Perfect pair
Big Electric Cat
E (from the to be released album) That just wailed!!!!!!!!!!
Thela Hun Ginjeet etc.

He just has so much fun!!!!!!! Amazing energy and a really funny guy too!!!!! He even did a stage dive at the end of the night a la Jack Black.

2 Parker Flys- Could not believe them!!!! He didn't re tune either of them all night...and if you know the workout he gives the whammy bar.....truly impressive.

Hung round at the end of the night...lots of signing and chatting......

He even signed my EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress Flanger- it's now back on my board with my BB Preamp which was signed by Lee Ritenour.....

Jeff Beck in January.......maybe he could sign my Strat.......

Corny...but it's nice looking down at my board and remembering having seen and heard will eventually rub off.....but the memory of an amazing gig won't......

a great night with a guy who is just on another level entirely, but still obviously LOVING what he does....and boy does that come through in every thing they did."


"Adrian is one of my favorite guitar players ever and this is a great band to hear him with.

For those who have not yet heard - this is a killer live document of the current line-up:


"I missed them the last time they came to So Cal...hoping they come by again..."


"I saw this great line-up early this year, and I'm glad to hear they're still together. Maybe I'll get to see em again!"

"Eric and Julie Slick are amazing musicians and I had the opportunity to learn from/work with Eric two years ago and he probably is the best drummer I've ever met, just amazing."

"I'd have to agree. Some of the time signatures he was spontaneously going in and out of were phenomenal!!!!! All the while with a HUGE grin on his face while his eyes were closed. ON another planet or wave length of Dizrythmia.

To work with a guy like that says quite a bit about you too!!!!!!! Thanks for chiming in.

They're doing only 7 dates. He said on the radio he plans to come back in 2 years time to play all of 'E' the new composition. (They only played an extract last night).

Amazed that he had a couple of Boss pedals including a looper- the digitech whammy and Hendrix Wah- Keeley compressor-Boomerang Phrase Sampler for layering and a j12 board that had 2 seperate volume pedals on it and a bunch of wild effects ( a la Elephant talk and Big Electric Cat out there sounds).

As much as some will comment about Boss pedals perhaps because they are not considered 'boutique'- I'd be confident he has confidence in their drive a tank over them sturdiness and reliability. Doesn't seem like the sought of player who would have inferior or bad sounding gear.

When Steve Vai cameout here with 'Zappa plays Zappa' he had a prototype of the Ibanez Jemini (sp?) but still had a DS-1 too!!!!!!

Still cannot believe those Parker Flys....He did not tune them ALL night. I'd never heard one live. That is some build quality in the bridge."

"Saw the first power trio in buffalo and it was ridiculous !!! one of my fave guitarists ever."

"And how."

"Saw the same lineup here in San Diego last spring -- AWESOME!"


"To me, he's the one carrying the Hendrix torch into his own territory."

"Hadn't thought of it that way- but it's true."

"Just as much an innovator and technician as well as master of the instrument- controls feedback at a stellar level like Jimi too."

"Awesome that you caught such a great performance. I saw Adrian Belew both in the early 80's and in the early 90's, great each time. And I also had the pleasure of seeing a killer band called the Raisins a few times in the early 80's, they were a Cincinnati, Ohio-based band Adrian produced and later teamed up with. Belew is one of those musicians that from his recordings you know is very inventive and talented player, but seeing him live made me realize that the recordings only capture a fraction of his talent.

Kicking myself for not seeing him when he played in Portland fairly recently; maybe it was the same brother & sister lineup on drums & bass, they must be great if Belew's playing with them."

"I'm so glad we've had a couple of these threads because I had simply forgotten all about him. I will make a point of seeing him when he comes to town now."

Well, that just made my day. Wow. And I'll be back if I find more...