Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Adrian Belew Power Trio on Tour Down Under and Oh My God I Looked up "Chunder"

So lovely, for the last two weeks I've been thinking how clever am I, using all of these Australian terms lifted from Men at Work lyrics...and I've been throwing the word chunder around like it's something great. Just for the hell of it, I googled it a few seconds ago, expecting to find out it meant something really cool. I was planning on writing another hip little phrase using the word one final time. Instead I wrote this:

Out from the rock she'd climbed under
A writer did blush from her blunder
She'd used words the wrong way
Never meaning to say
It was noble and good to spew chunder

Yeah, you guessed it. Sad but true.

I just learned chunder means vomit.

Har har. Only me, only me.

Moving on (you can thank me later), yesterday I woke up to some truly great stuff from cyberland which I'll post in a second, but first, here's a photo of Julie, Eric and Andre at the beach in Sydney:

Those lucky bastards. So far this week I've had to walk into town during an at least balmy monsoon (also known as "Robin's hair day from hell") and one day when the temperature was somewhere between, oh, Antarctica and Siberia?

Anyway, enough about me. Here's some stuff on Ade.

This blew me away over at Planet Crimson. Planet Crimson is a lovely forum board for die hard King Crimson fans, so this comment really meant a lot.

"I saw some bloke's trio a couple of nights back. I might write something later. All I can say now is...


Frankly, he needs no other band. It's all here.

Oh yeah, and I got him to sign his own leg for me."

Ha ha - I loved that, and the author of the post, Owen, is probably the only person I've ever personally met who knows why we named our daughter Julie. And gets it. Owen? If you are reading this, do that review and I will send you cookies.

And oh, okay, I know the suspense is killing all of you. Why did we name our daughter Julie? Easy. We were/are in love with the music of Julie Tippetts. Back when we were little baby hippies, she was known as "Julie Driscoll" and she was in a band with Brian Auger called "Brian Auger and the Trinity". Look 'em up on You Tube. Oh here, I'll make life easy and do it for you. Tell me she isn't amazing.

Ahhh...that was truly awesome. I hope you all clicked on that and enjoyed it even half as much as I did. And I think Owen may be her biggest fan but I bet my Julie is coming in his close second now.

Hey, I noticed Ade gets a nice mention over at Bowie Down Under.

But not as nice as this - an email to me from a fan who flew from New Zealand to Sydney to see all three ABPT shows in that area!

"Hi, Robin

Steve Mahoney here from Wellington New Zealand.

Robin I am the guy whose post was taken from the web site. You may remember it starts on your blog as Fccccccccccccccck Me, then continued on.

I just wanted to say to how much respect I have for Julie and Eric your kids. Hey, whenever I talked about the Slicks, Eric and Julie to my friends in Sydney, I would always call them the kids. Only because they are way younger than Adrian Belew.

I saw the 3 Sydney gigs Robin.

It was well worth the trip by plane to see them in Sydney Australia from Wellington, New Zealand .

Your children have a way with people which is just so nice.They were very friendly and respectful of their fans.

I was more than stunned by Eric and Julie's musical talent, Robin, they are an amazing talent.

Robin, it was a real buzz to see my Yesfans post in your blog.

The last gig in Sydney I gave a great review.

The band were on fire.

So were the crowd.

I wish Julie and Eric all the Best for the future because they deserve it.

Merry Xmas to Eric and Julie and you and your husband, Robin".

So naturally after reading that, I had to rush over to the Yesfans forum, where yep, true to his word, Steve posted a stellar review and some great pics:

Photo by Anne, and if you click on the YesFans link, I'm willing to bet she's the gorgeous blonde with the beautiful blue eyes

"Steve's 3rd and Final Adrian Belew Power Trio Review December 2008

Here goes, People.
Slayed tonight by the Adrian Belew Power Trio.
Tonight Lulu Mortice came along with me to tonight's gig.

Here is the Set List

Young Lions
Matchless Man
I Remember
Elephant Talk
Future Vision
Three Of a Perfect Pair
Back in Black AC/DC
Thela Hun Ginjeet

This was better than the Basement gig a week ago.

Seriously, this is very fans dream when they go on a tour to see there favourite guitarist.

Adrian Belew and Julie and Eric Slick jusr melded together beautifuly tonight. They were having a blast as were the crowd who were so much more into this concert than last nights gig. Julie and Eric were Fizzing.

Julie Slick has to be one of the best bass guitarist in any band playing in world at this time. Julie just seems to almost have 4 hands not two, her fingers just flew over the fret board of her Bass.

Eric Slick is one the Best drummers I have ever seen.

I can see why Adrian as he said tonight had one listen to them and decided, That's it we are on the road. He is very proud of the Slicks, you can tell that.

Adrian is on another Planet, Planet Belewboloid.

Staggering. Frank Zappa had Belew many years ago and then Bowie stole him, then he played in Talking Heads and of course the mighty King Crimson.

The sound was fantastic tonight as well.

Adrian gave it 150% as did Eric and Julie.

If this ends up on Robin Slicks Blog that is ok with me..."

Ha ha - I'm glad it's okay, Steve, because, yes, you made the blog. And not only was it way cool, all of a sudden, I realize the set list includes not only Elephant Talk again (Yay!) but...but...the trio's cover of AC/DC's Back in Black? Oh please oh please oh please, someone post a You Tube!

Actually, I did know that the trio did the cover (though initially I thought it was a one time only thing at the Adelaide Guitar Festival last week during their tribute to AC/DC), because yesterday I also got a series of the usual fascinating and informative emails from Andre, who filled me in.

"Susie is awesome!!!

she is from the popular aussie band FRUIT, and also has a new band REDHEAD

she has toured the states a couple times as well

She was the vocalist for AC/DC's BACK IN BLACK when the ABPT performed it.

We were planning to have me sing it...when we got there we discovered she was paired with the band - no worries! then - I lost my voice for 2 days ANYWAY.

I got it back in time to sing it last night!! Shocking the audience in the encore -- I jumped up and rocked with the trio. So - as Julie said as we walked off "Now you've done EVERYTHING in this band...!!"

hahaha it was fun.

Here's Susie, J & E right before they all went on..."

And here they are at soundcheck:

When Andre sent me the first photo I posted all the way at the top of this journal entry, the one of Julie, Eric, and him at the beach, he had this to say, and I'm editing it because some of it is deeply personal...but here's the gist:

"this was a special memorable day

we all waded in, and your daughter said some touching things about how special the year has been and she really thanked me deeply and sincerely. It really was a great day for us."