Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adrian Belew Power Trio on Tour - Switzerland to Spain

Help, help, I've been rendered redundant.

Ha ha, I'm just kidding, but between Julie Slick's fabulous new tour blog (or is that food blog?) and the fact that there haven't been any on-line journal reports coming out of Switzerland or Spain, I am kind of left in the dust on this tour. Sob.

Not to mention the fact that Julie took my camera with her; is loading photos to my photobucket site; then using them for her own blog! Oh well, at least she left me with the one posted above.

All kidding aside, what parent in the world wouldn't want to hear this from their kids:

"I love my life. I have the best life in the world."

Seriously. If Gary and I have done nothing else in all our years on this planet, that is enough. We are literally walking around so damn proud and teary eyed it's ridiculous.

Yep, both Julie and Eric have instant messaged me how much they love their lives repeatedly ever since hitting Budapest last week. This is a tour of dreams come true - they adored Budapest; Lugano, Switzerland was breathtaking; San Sebastian, Spain is some sort of utopia, and early this morning they left for two days in Italy. I did speak to them at 2:00 a.m. their time following their show in Barcelona last night, and they were ecstatic.

Julie said: "Totally rocked - best show so far. But ya know, we were meant for clubs. We didnt really get to see Barcelona unfortunately though...too bad we have a day off in Milan tomorrow. Such a tough life huh?"

Eric told me he and Ade were flying - the club was packed, the reaction of the crowd can just feel their happiness oozing right through the computer monitor.

But I do have something really excellent to report which is sort of Adrian Belew Power Trio related. Please listen, via the web (or the radio if you are in the Philadelphia area) to WXPN radio (and that's the link to "listen live") tonight between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. eastern. Gary, who has also updated his Guitar God blog, has done something way, way amazing and you'll have to listen to XPN to find out. Cool? Cool! (And don't forget to check Gary's blog - he is up to #7 on his all time Guitar God list and you may...or may surprised at his choice).

Oh well. I've got nothing else to say at the moment but I did hear there were a ton of journalists at the show last night...I'm hoping something pops up on line later today, especially a You Tube, so I'll keep checking and I will come back in and add it to this post if I get lucky. But for now...

P.S. Oh, wait. I did find this pretty amusing blurb on, of all places, the Kawasaki Motorcycle Forum Board. Though Earl Slick may be surprised to find he is now the father of two musical prodigies...heh...

"If you like Zappa drumming, check out video on youtube of the Adrian Belew Power Trio. Adrian played lead guitar for Frank back in the 70s, then moved on to Talking Heads, David Bowie, King Crimson, and many more great gigs. His trio consists of Adrian on guitar & vocals, Eric Slick (a 21-year-old MONSTER) on drums, and Eric's gorgeous 22-year old sister slapping the Tony Levin out of a bass. Yes, the slick siblings are the offspring of Earl Slick, so they've got good rock n roll genes! Eric does stuff on the tune "Young Lions" that I had previously thought only do-able by the likes of Neal Peart and Mike Portnoy."