Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Odds and Sods for Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Every time Julie and Eric come back home after a really cool tour, I'm like, Okay, now what do I talk about here? Ha! And to think this originally started out as a blog to promote my books and writing. Oh well. It is what it is and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So I especially like fans who take great photographs at ABPT/Friends of Crimson/King Crimson Festival concerts and post them on the web! Take a look at these, courtesy of the fabulously talented Gregory Lee (and there are many more on his site so a heads up to KTU and Eddie Jobson fans):

P.S. Tell me Eric isn't going to love these pics when he sees them...

Okay, let's see what else. Well, Julie and I had a fabulous lunch together yesterday at Table 31. While a pricey, elegant restaurant, they also have a more casual outdoor cafe which is open for another few weeks, and we sat under an umbrella on one of the most beautiful days of the year...sunny, breezy, no humidity. We split an appetizer of an inside out roll with avocado and barbecued eel (yeah, Miss Vegetarian does eel but apparently there is a new word for suchlike people - pescetarian - meaning, they do not eat meat or pork or chicken but seafood is cool) and then we each had the same salad - bay scallops. lump crabmeat, and shrimp served over navy beans in a light vinaigrette. Very, very good, though I admit I was dying for something chocolate for dessert but Julie is so vigilant about her health and her weight and mine as well (I'm glad someone is) that I turned my brain down and said "No, no, go for a walk instead" so we did and the craving passed.

Now. If I could only do that all the time...

For those of you interested in checking out Eric Slick playing with a totally different band, tomorrow night he'll be at The Fire with the Tim Moetzer Power Trio and yeah, I have a problem with the use of that name...Power Trio...that is, but oh well, I'm just groupie mom, what can I say...I am sure the term "Power Trio" has been used many times before and will again but I associate it with one thing only and it was a little disconcerting to see that just now but okay, a quick trip to Google confirmed that Tim's band has been using the name for a while and Eric is just sitting in tonight.

Ugh, my brain hurts. Have I mentioned how excited I am to be heading to the beach for two weeks this Saturday? Even the dog is excited...every time I mention vacation and the beach, he brings me his ball. Very smart little guy...one of life's simple pleasures is watching him run on the sand and then take a dip in the ocean to cool off. Also, we play family baseball and with four people, it's hard to cover the outfield when one person is pitching, the other catching, and a third at the "plate" with a bat. So Monty dog is also a designated outfielder, and he does his job admirably. Julie instituted a rule a few years ago where if the dog catches or even reaches the ball before you get to first base (yes, she draws a field in the sand and marks the bases with seashells because that is our Julie), anyway, if the dog gets to the ball first, you're out.

Naturally, as the weakest hitter and runner in the family, I'm always OUT. Sucks but makes for lots of laughs...the family especially enjoys watching me huff and puff only to be met by the dog, already standing at first base with the ball in his mouth, wagging his tail "Hi, Mommy!"

Sadly Julie and Eric won't be down for the whole two weeks - Eric has a whole bunch of gigs next week; Julie has some things brewing as well, but both assure me they'll make it down eventually. Oh well. Gary and I have a huge house on the beach all to ourselves. What a pity. Heh.

I am sure I have more to talk about but the coffee hasn't kicked in yet so if I remember what it is I wanted to say, I'll be back.

Oh yeah, one final thing. There's a whole new slew of You Tubes up from Russia. Some are partials, some are doubles, so for you diehard fans, just Google "Belew", click on "video", and you can check them out yourselves.