Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Hollandaise

So Ho Ho Ho to all of you - just popping by to give a few (oh God forgive me for using this term) shout outs:

First, tonight there will be a very special radio broadcast from 9:00 p.m. until midnight eastern -- An Adrian Belew Christmas featuring Julie and Eric Slick -- brought to you courtesy of Famous Jonny Mambo and he's going to play Side Four Live in its entirety along with other gems from Adrian's career and lots of commentary -- he'll also be taking requests. Here is the link to the live stream.

Second, I was so overwhelmed with last minute Christmas shopping yesterday (why, why, why does this still happen to me every single year?) I totally blew wishing Adrian a happy birthday, and also, blew the chance to celebrate Festivus. So, we are going to do this all belatedly.

Ready? Happy Birthday, Adrian! And Happy Hollandaise as well! Were you aware that your birthday falls on the sacred holiday of Festivus?

And now for said Festivus! If you are so inclined, in accordance with the holiday, you can celebrate in my comments section by doing the following:

(a) Airing your grievances;
(b) Naming your feats of strength;
(c) Any Festivus miracles you have had...

You can interpret these Festivus rituals any way you like.

Or not.

Merry Christmas, everyone!