Monday, December 03, 2007

All kinds of cool stuff...

I love those photos of Adrian, Eric, and Julie. They were taken at the Quebec Summer Music Festival, July 11, 2007 by Yves Gagnon.

So a bunch of cool stuff happened recently as concerns the release of Side Four Live.

My absolute favorite, of course, would be a comment posted on my last blog entry as follows:

"festinagreg has left a new comment on your post "Art Appreciation Day on the Slick Blog...:

Side Four arrived today! I wasn't sure they could capture the power and intensity of the live show but it is so amazing. Your kids have taken Adrian to a new level."

Tell me that didn't make my day. I got the chills.

There's Adrian, autographing several CDs at Casa Belew, which, as you can see if you click on the photo and make it grow before your eyes, already contain Julie and Eric's signatures and which a bunch of lucky fans should be receiving as early Christmas presents this week. And hey, please also notice the amazing photo of the trio taken by Mark Colman which appears on the inner flap.

I don't remember if I posted this or not, but this month Julie will be interviewed by bassist extraordinaire Bryan Beller for Bass Player Magazine.

Friday, we had a photo shoot at our house for a feature which will appear in the March/April issue of Philadelphia Style Magazine. Julie and Eric are being interviewed as "Vanguards" - Philadelphia celebrities - in connection with the release of their new CD and show at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on March 12, 2008.

On Thursday, Gary was listening to WXPN and they were having their pledge drive. One of the premiums being offered for a large pledge was a scholarship at Rock School. Jim McGuinn, the program director for YRock at XPN mentioned that two of the rock school graduates had gone on to play with Adrian Belew and how excellent was that.

Gary works five minutes away from XPN's studios and decided to swing by with a copy of Side Four Live. Jim McGuinn freaked out and got on the radio and said "The coolest thing just happened. Gary Slick stopped by with the new Belew CD, and yeah, his daughter, Julie Slick is Adrian's bassist and son, Eric Slick, is his drummer, and they are the first two graduates of the Paul Green School of Rock Music to officially "make it"." Anyway, off the air, Jim and Gary had a chat and Jim was really psyched about the CD and said he would be in touch so fingers crossed you'll be hearing cuts from the CD on YRock on XPN sometime soon as well as some other possible cool stuff in connection with XPN...

Eric is doing a couple of shows this week with Crescent Moon - he'll be in Vermont on Thursday and New York on Friday - never a dull moment in that man's life...and Julie and I are busy planning our annual Christmas trip to New York...that always yields a hell of a good story. The best might have been last year when we stayed the Bates Motel and saw 10,000 Santas and a dildo menorah but then again, it is hard to beat Christmas, 2005 when I had a panic attack in Chinatown...check out the archives here for December 2005 and 2006 if you want a good laugh.

And hey ho, I see that mysterious, infamous author has posted the blurb I wrote for his/her new collection of short stories, which, by the way, I strongly urge you to order right here. Trust me on this. You will thank me later. Big time.

Finally, don't forget to check out the always changing eric slick dot com for Eric's most recent news, tour dates, and updated blog posts.