Friday, November 23, 2007

Eric Slick Dot Com and a Very Special World Premier

Adrian Belew and Eric Slick performing at the Quebec Summer Music Festival, July, 2007

ETA: I realized early this morning (Saturday) that one should never post links after consuming copious amounts of brandy and therefore there were some links here which I really screwed up last night. I have now fixed them for your viewing pleasure. And just so we are clear on this, the world premier of a track (or two) from Side Four Live is tonight! For complete info, see below

So. Click here to see Eric Slick Dot Com, which is a brilliant work in progress thanks to Eric's amazing, creative genius webmaster, Scott Abernethy of Nerdy Rhino Development.

Scott has incorporated a very cool collage of photos (a lot of which were taken by proud Papa Gary Slick and Mark Colman) into a short film clip on Eric's site, but even more importantly, it includes a partial sound byte from a brand new spanking track off of the newly released Side Four Live.

And if that's not exciting enough...

Tomorrow night...Saturday, November midnight eastern, (So I guess that makes it technically Sunday, November 25 har har) DJ Extraordinaire Jeff Menke of 89.7 FM WNKU, will be the first to play the worldwide premier of a mystery track (or maybe even two!) from Side Four for your listening pleasure during his incredible show, Rainbow will stream live on the internet right here.

Jeff has been incredibly supportive of the trio since first seeing them live last year in Ohio and has played not only Beatbox Guitar but even cuts from the trio's first overseas appearance in July of 2006 at the Zappanale Festival in Bad Doberan, Germany throughout the year as well as offering insightful and uplifting commentary about Adrian, Julie and Eric.

So it's pretty freaking exciting that he will be the first to premier a cut or two off the new CD, and I hope you can all set your clocks for midnight eastern and check out what is sure to be an incredible, incredible show.