Monday, October 22, 2007

Project Object on Tour: Tonight in Milwaukee!

Andre Cholmondeley doing a wicked guitar solo with Eric Slick on drums, Napoleon Murphy Brock on sax/vocals, Dave Johnsen on bass, Eric Svalgard on keyboards and Josh Oxford on percussion, Lancaster, PA -- October 15, 2007

So tonight Project Object performs at Shank Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and here's an article that appears today in The Daily Page:

Out of Town
Frank Zappa tribute

When: 10/22/07 @ 8:00pm
Cost: $16
Call: 255-4646
Web: ticketmaster

More Information:
Project/Object with Napoleon Murphy Brock Performing the Music Of Frank Zappa

Napoleon Murphy Brock, lead vocalist and instrumentalist with Frank Zappa for more than a decade, will tour once again with Project/Object, the mothers of reinvention.

Napoleon Murphy Brock is a singer, saxophonist and flautist who is best known for his work with Frank Zappa in the 1970s and 80s, including the albums One Size Fits All, Roxy and Elsewhere, and Bongo Fury. His own most memorable vocal accomplishments are illustrated on Village of the Sun, Inca Roads and Florentine Pogen. His numerous performances include the role of the "Evil Prince" on Zappa's Thing-Fish album. He has also performed with George Duke, Captain Beefheart and others.

As the lead singer and sax player with Dweezil Zappa Plays Zappa last year, Napoleon Murphy Brock toured all over the World and received foremost praise from fans and critics alike.

The lineup is rounded out by Project/Object founder Andre Cholmondeley (nee Chumley) on guitar and vocals; wunderkind Eric Slick on drums who is also Adrian Belew's touring drummer; Dave Johnsen, who also performs with the Mahavishnu Project, on bass; and incredible keyboardist Eric Svalgard"

From the Zappa forum board:

"I enjoyed the hell out of the show in Troy, NY...

...This was my first time seeing Eric Slick and you can be damn sure I'll try to see any band he is in when they come to the area. I hope Belew will get over there. Bravo to all of P/O. This was the 5th or 6th time I've seen you guys and thought this was the best playing, sound clarity and setlist that I've heard yet. Everybody just played so well from Eric's enthusiasm and accuracy (and bombast from that little kit!) to other Eric playing some really sweet notes and timbres from the keys to Dave TEARING IT UP on Apostrophe to some really fine singin' and playin' from Andre to HOLY FUCK the percussionist was so damn fine! That Napoleon was remarkable goes without saying (which is in and of itself remarkable).

I've been listening to FZ even more than usual since the show, you guys really set me on fire. I'll be seeing ZPZ in Kingston in a couple of weeks (my 3rd show for them) and can't wait for that either. It'll be my first time hearing Ray White live and I can't wait to hear Scheila and Joe tear it up in particular. It's a fine time to be an FZ fan."

Yeah, so if you are in or near Milwaukee tonight, as I keep telling you, this is an amazing band and should not be missed.

So in typical Eric fashion, after the tour ends at the Poison Room in Cincinnati on Wednesday night, he's driving home and will be back in Philadelphia late Thursday, October 25. He'll be here for a couple of days but then on Tuesday, October 30 he flies to Asheville to do a series of shows with a new band he's involved with, Delicious, from November 1-4; then he heads down to Nashville right after his last show with them for a week long rehearsal with Adrian Belew - Julie's flying down on November 6 -- they'll both be there until the evening of November 11 -- do you think that along with rehearsing, they will be autographing copies of Side Four Live? Ha ha - this is my fantasy, not something I've been told -- but since it's also my blog, indulge me. But one thing I do know - the week of rehearsals is for new material gearing up for the entire month of touring they'll be doing February-March 2008 as well as for a new studio CD.

Speaking of The Adrian Belew Power Trio, someone put up a new You Tube last night of the band performing Big Electric Cat in Jacksonville, Florida this past August and it's pretty cool:

So I think that's it for now - I am slinking away from cyberworld and spending the day writing but should anything momentous occur I will be back.

Oh...and if anyone has any footage of Uncle Remus or I'm So Cute from this fabulous Project Object tour or can take some for me tonight, tomorrow, or the final show Wednesday and post it on You Tube, I will be forever in your debt.