Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Purr-fect (oy)

Ha ha - nice going, Eric. That's Eric Svalgard, keyboard player with Project Object at Zappanale. Who is that he's with?

Why, it's Dr. Dot.

And speaking of Project Object, yep, the Zappanale pics are trickling in, and I finally found one of Eric Slick on stage behind the drums:

And by the way, Dr. Dot and my son Eric (I feel I must now clarify between Erics in light of the above photo) are actually pretty good friends and hung out together for a bit at Zappanale.

I'm so proud of him.

No really, I am.

And lest you think my son roughed it in Bad Doberan, Germany, well, at times he did, and the stories are hilarious but he will murder me if I spill so you'll just have to settle for a nice pretty tourist pic of the beach/Baltic Sea, which Eric was finally able to visit after four years at Zappanale - this is the first time he performed where he actually had r&r after the show.

If you didn't click on that Dr. Dot link when I posted it above and a couple of days ago, by all means, give yourself a treat. Here. I will make it easy for you and post it yet a third time. I myself am now hopelessly addicted. Even her MySpace buddies are way cool. You won't find any sparkley kitty Have A Purr-fect Day idiocy in her comments section, which, truth to tell, is one of the reasons I have a MySpace site but never use it. But I'm begging you all, if you do stop by, for the love of God, no glitter or smiley rodents wearing sunglasses...arghhh....

Hey, as a follow up to my post of yesterday, Neil Gaiman's Stardust is still page one (though I've slipped to page you think it's because he's a tad more famous than I?) over at Media Predict. And we are both doing very, very well.

So once again, please register, buy shares, and influence the world. Here's the direct link to me and here's the direct link to Neil.

I'm pretty psyched about this. It bodes well for my book. Oh, and for Stardust. Ha ha - as if Stardust needs help. But I'm still completely freaked that it's not being shown anywhere in Philadelphia on Friday. What a travesty! I would have gone, I swear. I know what it means to be in the theater that opening night...I remember how we waited to hear the numbers for Rock School on a Friday at midnight and how I had no idea of the importance of the opening night figures. Oh well. You can catch Julie and Eric in Rock School on DVD and the A&E network...bottom line is, they are doing more than alright and the movie was just the beginning.

In other news, life as I know it has returned.

I arrived home late yesterday, went to check on the air conditioning in Julie's room to make sure it would be cool enough for Her Highness, and failed to notice the open, empty suitcase on the floor right at the threshold of her doorway. Ah, I must have been a lovely sight, flying through mid-air, heart in mouth, like a human cannonball headed for her window. I broke my fall with both wrists somehow crashing into the wall, twisting my back, both ankles, and falling onto her bed. I did have my cell phone in my pocket and for an irrational moment considered dialing 911, but I ended up laughing all sprawled out there for a few minutes just to be sure nothing was shattered and I wasn't having a heart attack (is there anything worse than knowing that you are going to fall? Ha ha - maybe knowing that you are going to fail)...but oh how I hate pain and this morning I could barely step into my jeans without agony.

Naturally I had to go out today. So I'm taking Advil, cursing myself for not joining a gym years ago so I would have nice limber bones, and thinking about how I'm always the one injured -- always the person who found that stray Lego with her bare feet while making a bathroom trip in the middle of the night; always the one whose same foot found that missing thumb tack that fell from a poster on a wall and no one noticed; and yeah, yeah, the person who still has a lump on her forehead decades after running full force into a huge pole while running to catch a train.

What can you do. Some of us just have a knack, you know?



tribute1969 said...

Looks like Eric Sv has "Restless Leg" Syndrome...checkout the drug "Requip" site for "side effects"..I too step on cat's tails, Barbie Dolls at night on the way to take my blind and deaf lapso alpso out for his nightly 3am walk...This Saturday night/Sunday morning I will at least get to see a dramatic meteor shower, The Perseids! and I too have put a thumb tack through my thumb trying to push it too hard into a wall to hold up a Pink Floyd poster..I did not scream "Money" was more of a Steppenwolf-like song yell about a "pusher"...
Dr Dot rules..Thanks for her info...

Daryl Darko said...

silly girl, did you hit your head too when you fell? Stardust is playing at

United Artists Riverview Stadium, 1400 South Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19147

showtimes: 1:10pm | 4:15pm | 7:25pm | 10:25pm

what is the deal about this film anyway? is it a Neil-child?

Miztlahui from Mexico said...

it got to be a honor to play in the Power trio...

Do you know something about the Belew's healt?
Send my blessing to him for he fell better.

Have a nice week.
Saludos desde Mexico amigo.

RobinSlick said...

Nolan, if you loved my previous Dr. Dot post, then you are probably going to have a party today. Ha!

Ugh, I've stepped on Barbie dolls, too and it freaking hurts.

How was the meteor shower?

Hi, Daryl. No, this wasn't listed at first - they must have added it, but I will say that Riverview Stadium is my least favorite place in Philadelphia to see a movie. People get shot there. Why a movie like Stardust isn't playing at one of the Ritz theaters here (you know the type I mean - wine, coffee and scones sold at the concession counter) I have no idea. I did not get to see it because that little trip over Julie's suitcase caused my back to go out for the last 4-5 days...hence that's why I haven't even blogged; sitting for long periods of time is still painful. But yeah, it's a Neil child and I read the book which was lovely. As I probably told you, I am not a movie person...the last movie I saw was Something About Mary, which I despised, and it was then and there I vowed never to go see a mainstream movie again. But I will probably go and see Stardust on Friday because it's my birthday and Julie and Eric will be in Nashville, Gary will be at work, and rather than stay home feeling sorry for myself, I will brave the Riverview...though for a matinee performance on a Friday, I should be okay.

Hi, Miztlahui, nice to meet you...I've read your comments on Ade's blog. Are you planning on making any of the three trio shows in Mexico September 8, 9, and 10? I will be at all three.

Daryl Darko said...

i didn't know about your boycott of popular movies. that is a pity because there really are some fantastic pieces of work out there. as for not going to public cinemas, i suffer from not enjoying that experience too. i just can't afford 10 bucks a pop anymore. as for hating "Mary", i did too and decided to not watch anything with those actors in it again.

i feel an obligation to study films though because of how great books often get made into great movies. i will see if i can find a copy of Stardust in the library. do you selectively watch good films at home? one last great one i saw was CAPOTE.

sorry about you having to spend your birthday alone.