Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adrian Belew Power Trio at the Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC

Photo of last night's show at the Cat's Cradle, August 21, 2007, taken by Michael Dehaan

Part one of a very entertaining blog post:

"I'll have to finish this later, as I'm utterly and perfectly knackered, but the Adrian Belew gig at Cat's Cradle was more or less mind blowing. More than less. I commented to Ken that we probably just saw members of the top one percent of living musicians. Tomorrow I'll write up some typically withering commentary of What This Show Means To Me.

And for what it's worth... Julie Slick, will you marry me?

Ha! I'm afraid you will have to take a number and get in line, my sweet little monkey.

Here's an email I received from Jeff Bond, a member of Adrian's Yahoo group:

"I just got home. It was a dynamite show, right at 2 hours. I heard all my faves (Big Electric Cat, Dinosaur, Frame by Frame, Thela, etc.). If someone was there and managed to grab a set list, please post it somewhere.

Everybody has been saying that Julie and Eric are great. Now that I've finally seen them play, I have to agree. They rock! As the father of kids that age, I hope Julie and Eric have the chance to "play", goof-off, go to school, socialize with similarly-aged kids, and generally grow up as they continue to play music professionally. Eric had a grin stuck to his face the entire night . . . seemingly having a blast. Julie seemed to take everything in stride and is a bit more reserved, maybe? Adrian obviously enjoyed the evening, but I think he always has a good time when he's performing.


Jeff, rest assured that they had a totally normal "childhood" and if the below photos are any indication, they are still enjoying it! Julie is about to graduate Drexel University this fall (she should have graduated in June but needs to take three more classes in September) -- she totally adored and was immersed in the college experience; Eric has always known he was going to be a musician and would settle for nothing less but he has many, many friends and when he is not on tour his cell phone rings non-stop with so many social invitations I actually was going to buy him a PDA to keep track of everything but he ended up buying a really cool journal instead which he uses to do everything from write music to draw crazy artwork to get girls' phone numbers -- ha ha - I had to put that in...even I know you use your cell phone for that-- and I'm now ducking under my desk as I can see Eric getting ready to throw a pillow at me all the way from North Carolina.

Here's some shots of the Adrian Belew Power Trio enjoying some post-show relaxation. ETA: I just found out courtesy of Scott's comment below that these photos were taken after the Anapolis, Maryland show in June of this year.

I found those photos on Flickr - they were taken by Radiolan -- I don't know who that is, but I sure love his/her pics and I do know one thing for sure - whatever the hell that dessert is that Eric is eating, I want one, too!

And oh my god, while I was scrolling through Radiolan's Flickr site, look what I found -- he/she has a dog named Barney who looks just like our Monty!



That made me smile big time.

And hey, just a reminder that you can catch the trio tonight at Smiths Olde Bar in Atlanta, Georgia -- it's a small venue which accommodates 350 people and I heard a rumor it might be sold out but it appears you can still purchase tickets right here.

Finally, I really want to thank all of the incredible fans who have been emailing me, sending me photos of the shows, and most of all, blogging and writing reviews. You guys are awesome!