Monday, February 26, 2007

Talk, Talk, Talk, It's Only Talk

It's like waking up and getting a Christmas present when these You Tubes appear in my mailbox...this is a shortened version of Adrian Belew, Julie Slick, and Eric Slick performing Elephant Talk at the B.B. King show in New York City, August 8 (to read more about it, here's my blogpost from that event)

So I've had some kind of horrible stomach virus/flu the past two days which naturally I'm convinced is something fatal (but I am seeing the doctor tomorrow morning) so this will be an abbreviated post as I clutch the keyboard to keep the room from spinning.

Damn it, I have a lot to talk about but it appears I really am too sick to type. Crap.



Myfanwy Collins said...

Sorry you're not well, Robin! xoxo

peanut and planet said...

Hope you're feeling better. I've heard that an evil stomach flu was going around.

Make them take care of you.


I know I know. You don't do flu shots. Yeah. I was one of those too. Until last year that is, when I got my ass kicked by Mr. Flu. This year's shot has done the trick so far! *knock on wood* Go get the shot alredy!

I hope you're feeling better babe! Days off from your blog wasn't part of the deal I signed up for!* teeheeheehee

RobinSlick said...

All better now. Thanks for your kind thoughts!

Rena, you are probably right. Gary got the shot this year and he had the least serious form of this vile virus...Eric and I were the ones who got slammed. Julie not so much because she basically lives with her boyfriend and only makes pit stops here now (he lives 6 blocks away so we're a convenient "grocery store" for her)