Friday, February 16, 2007

A, O, Way To Go Ohio

Why, it's the Adrian Belew Power Trio

So this is what I know so far:

(1) Last night's Adrian Belew Power Trio concert at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was amazing. I'm so jealous I missed it I can't even tell you. Gary called me and he's still on this unbelievable high from the show and after-meal with Adrian where they talked a lot about this band's future and some really exciting plans;

(2) In answer to the many emails I've received since posting about their existence -- and I am very grateful for that...thrilled, actually -- the autographed/doodled by the Adrian Belew Power Trio Beatbox CD will be available for sale on Ade's site in the near future;

(3) There is a very, very cool newspaper article today in the Cincinatti Post about the trio entitled Adrian Belew's New Trio is Long on Youth;

(4) You can catch the trio tonight at the Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, Ohio;

(5) Eric, as per your telephone request of this morning because you didn't have internet access, I ordered Shins tickets as soon as they went on sale at 10:00 a.m. today and you will be both happy and quite relieved to know that I have scored you two tickets so that you won’t have to sleep with another totally uninteresting Shins fan on Craigslist later;

(6) Julie, I emailed your physics professor at Drexel University and let him know you wouldn't be in class today because you PLAYED A GIG AT THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME LAST NIGHT WITH ADRIAN BELEW...

Oh. Sorry. Heh.

And just so you know, family, I miss you very much -- I'm eating my heart out that I can't be there but the dog, I'm sure, appreciates my loyalty -- and just so you know part two, I'm glued to the computer, writing my little heart out. And what a nice surprise I just got. A little elf wrote to tell me that Another Bite of the Apple is the #1 best seller here.



Daryl Darko said...

so your kids are Adrian's "Side Three" trio, and they are the live act for "Side Four"... the plans are for them to stay on as his trio into the next incarnation too? Robin, you are too tight lipped sometimes, it drives me crazy!

i understand your dedication to your work and Monty, but i'm sad you couldn't be there last night.

{so are The Shins someone i should be listening to?}

Myfanwy Collins said...

Wowee!!! WHAT a thrill! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Sorry you missed it, Robin, but congrats on your #1 best seller status! xo

Susan said...

Wow! First for you being #1 and second for your kids having the coolest lives ever.

Hi Myf and Daryl!

Scott said...


As a parent of three great kids I can barely imagine how thrilled and proud you must feel.

My 11 year old daughter (drums) and I (bass) like to play along with some old CCR records for fun and I get a thrill from watching her play THAT. I can only imagine you feel the same way I do times maybe 100 million. :-)


RobinSlick said...

Hi, hi:

Daryl, I myself am not sure how I feel about the Shins. I know they are a hipster band, but I'm starting to have to face the fact that I'm getting cranky and may not be a hipster anymore by today's standards...give me the Kinks, please - though in fairness to bands like the Shins, it's obvious they are their influence.

Hi, Myf and Sue! Yeah, it's cool but I WANT TO BE IN OHIO!!!!

And hi to you, Scott, I'm guessing of Planet Crimson fame, but I coud be wrong...I know what you mean. Julie actually started playing bass at age 11 jamming with her dad - her first song was Cream's Politician..with Eric on drums (but of course Eric was already a drummer by then)..and to watch her dad's face (and mine) while the three of them jammed...well, it's right up there with seeing them on stage with Adrian. Well...almost, anyway*

Scott said...
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Scott said...


Never wanting to turn down the chance to plug my website, I must reply if only to say yes, that Scott.

Adrian Belew fans should visit the site and check out the "design an Adrian Belew album cover" contest. :-)