Wednesday, February 07, 2007

And today, so that it can actually be read by real people...

So my post today was unreadable in all of those colors -- I've been forceably switched to Beta Blogger and I guess I need to read up on it...right now it feels weird but I'm going to enjoy those labels, I think, especially if I pick good ones that show up on Google searches. So I figured I'd repost in easy to read white.

Anyway, here's what will have the first official Robin Slick Beta Blogger label:
Saturday 17th

Adrian Belew Trio
guest TBA
$30 / $35 | 7PM doors, 8PM show | 18+ |
Come Be A Part Of The Live Recording for the upcoming Adrian Belew Trio's “Side 4” record!

In other news, I woke up to a most excellent review of Three Days in New York City and Another Bite of the Apple at Bella Magazine today - thank you so much, Karen Pruitt Fowler.

While I'm shouting out in glee, I know I mentioned it yesterday, but I'm going to be writing a regular column called "Psychotic Reaction" for N.L. Belardes' Noveltown Review and to get this magazine off the ground and available all across the universe, Nick, or N.L., needs support in the advertising department so please click on the ad sheet link when you visit the link I provided -- especially if you are a writer and want to promote your work because something tells me, with the heavy hitters involved in this project, that this is going to be HUGE and you're going to reach a large audience. Just which luminaries are featured in the first issue besides me? Brad Listi, for one (LA Times best selling author) and Susan Henderson of Lit Park fame and today, of Neil Gaiman Hair Day if you click on that link, and just so I can stop feeling like Cyrano De Bergerac, you should know that I set those two up on their first date har har...Sue knew that Neil had graciously emailed me a couple of times and asked me to forward a request for an interview to him. I was too embarrassed to tell her "Hey, we aren't that close" so I simply did what she asked -- I forwarded her email to me directly to Neil along with a little note "Hope you aren't into shooting the messenger" and now the two of them are best friends and I'm sitting here sulking.

Hahahahaha - so not true.

I also have some amazing Eric Slick news to report: Watch this space, because Eric, who already has that endorsement for Paiste Cymbals, picked up a MAJOR DRUM ENDORSEMENT YESTERDAY!!!!! And I cannot wait to spill the details on this one because it's pretty spectacular and since it will be on this company's website in a week or two, I will wait until then for the official announcement.

Finally, some sobering news which makes everything else kind of trivial, really. As you know, I'm a big rock music fan and one of my favorite websites is DGM Live. There's an update on drummer Ian Wallace via a diary being kept by Ian and his significant other, Margie.

My heart hurts for them -- I've been through it (I lost my Mom at a young age many years ago...I've already outlived her, in fact)...and well, it's a life altering experience. You realize afterwards that caring about petty bullshit or hanging out with people who do is pretty much the world's biggest waste of time.

But err...while I was over at DGM, I had a peek at what's being discussed over at their forum where I smiled when I read this:

Posted by MudShark22 on February 06, 2007

"Since the forum is abuzz with questions concerning the original double trio and all the recent K3 talk; why not "re-invent the wheel" and add the Slick Siblings for Billy B. and Trey ? Not as nostalgia, but as a way forward."

Well, that's very kind/cool of you, MudShark, and you never know...

But for now, oh my god, I don't see how it can get any better than The Adrian Belew Power Trio. Can't wait until next week! Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Side 4 Live! YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!