Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Adrian Belew Power Trio Does the Who/Led Zep...circa 1970s (Part II)

Julie Slick and Adrian Belew during soundcheck

By the way, just so you get an idea of how high the railing was at the hotel where my insane daughter precariously balanced her beautiful self in the photos below...arghhhhhh. But yeah, the folks at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were totally awesome and put the band up at this amazing's so cool looking, isn't it?

Once safely inside their room, we see Eric, apparently upset that the place wasn't equipped with its own drumkit. He tried to practice on a pillow, and when that didn't work...

...he decided to break the bed.

In the meantime, Julie is watching him, and thinking to herself: Should I? Why yes, I should, but first...

...I will spin around in crazy circles...

...and then dive bomb face down.

Eric then decides to take his frustration out on an apple, which he appears to be tossing so that he can either catch it with his teeth or possibly engage Julie in a food fight. However, in mid flight he had to take a call...

...and it would seem that he is not anxious to eat that apple after all.

Gary is outside of the room, peeking in on them and talking to me on his cell phone. "You can't believe this, Rob. I'm watching Eric and I'm thinking Keith Moon...hahahaha...uh-oh, they have the camera and they're taking my picture...hang on..I want to stick my tongue out at them..."

Eric, realizing the error of his bad boy rock star ways, decides to do penance. Ha!

Hey, seeing my son all patriotic like that (snort) just reminded me of something. For your clicking enjoyment, and trust me, you can click on these all afternoon, let me leave you with the absolutely fabulous Dubya the Menace.

You can thank me...