Saturday, January 27, 2007


Another groovy Gary Slick photo of the Adrian Belew Power Trio, November, 2006

Adrian Belew's new, improved website is live!

Man, it's a beautiful thing to see. And the background artwork is also by the incredibly talented Ade. Note to self: I want one of his paintings! can purchase a download of an eleven minute version of his Grammy nominated, amazing song, Beat Box Guitar, featuring my son Eric Slick on drums and daughter Julie Slick, celebrating her 21st birthday this coming Tuesday, on bass, on his website right here! Well, wait, actually, I just tried that link and it doesn't take you directly there but it's a no brainer - just click on "Store Belew" and you'll see the download section.

Think I'm a little bit excited? Ha ha - I've just listened to it three times. It's freaking spectacular!

Oh, and there's finally an article about the shows at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in February, and as I've mentioned, Eric will be doing double duty on the drums, playing with Project Object on February 14 and with Julie and Adrian as the Adrian Belew Power Trio on February 15. Here's the link.

There's lots more to talk about but it's 1:15 a.m. and I'm whipped.