Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tonight in Philadelphia!

Okay, Eric is performing tonight in Philadelphia with Project Object. Do you have your tickets yet? If not, here's the link. You will thank me for this later, trust me.

More about Eric on the Frank Zappa forum board:

"I went to Friday night's show. Great as always. I sat on the edge of the stage for most of P/O's first set until I couldn't crane my neck anymore. I knew once I moved I wouldn't be able to get back there, hahaha.

The opening show was fucking awesome too. It totally took me by surprise. I didn't know who was playing when I walked in, but soon found out that it was Eric Slick on drums and Dave Dreiwitz on bass and vocals. He plays bass with Ween among other things. I had seen him with Ween, but never solo and he ROCKED! Cool bass fx freakouts among the originals and Pink Floyd's Fearless. Seahag sat in for the last few tunes.

As for P/O, clearly Eric Svalgård is making himself more of a fixture in the band taking harmonica solos and even Lead Vocals. Andre was great, Ike was great, but honestly, I mostly paid attention to Seahag all night, effortlessly playing."
"Caught both shows at Martyr's. On Friday I was right smack dab in front of Ike in the very front, on Saturday I was right in the front but a little closer to Seahag. I've seen them play with Napi before, but both nights, they were on some kind of godly level. Eric Slick is a fucking insane drummer, my favorite Slick moment was during Don't You Ever Wash That Thing when Ike was calling out different drummers and Slick did spot on impersonations of Keith Moon, Terry Bozzio and Steve Gadd (among others). But by far my favorite moment of both nights was on Saturday when Ike did his best Captain Beefheart impersonation and did "Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top" in the middle of a monstrous Big Swifty.

Everyone in the band was absolutely on fire throughout. I wish I could see this group with Ed Mann, being able to see that would probably make my life complete."

So yeah, I'm pretty psyched for tonight. Plus, I really miss my son.

In writing news, I was stoked to see Another Bite of the Apple is back in the top five highest rated over at Fictionwise and rated number one for all books published by Phaze. Pretty cool, huh.

I still have much to talk about but I really want people to come to the World Cafe Live show tonight so I don't want to clutter this post with a lot of my usual ramblings. Therefore, until tomorrow...