Friday, January 12, 2007

Hmm...fact? Or fiction?

...Proving once again that Gary's new camera can take clear shots in even pitch black venues; and for those who have asked me, it's a Canon Digital Rebel XT/EOS 3500 AF SLR with a special lens purchased separately for taking photographs in low light situations

So before I post this article/review I found in a Cleveland newspaper this morning following Project Object's recent concert there, I'm going to have to issue a partial disclaimer as the reporter breaks news that I don't even have and something tells me if it were true, Eric would have called me. And there are some other minor errors in the article (such as Ike did not start Project Object, Andre did, and was thrilled when Ike came aboard a few years later). But okay, the reporter says that "Project Object will make it back for another round, this time at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and museum, February 14th. The band, without Ike Willis, will join Adrian Belew at the Rock Hall two days prior".

Err...Adrian is going to play with Project Object?

It's my understanding that yep, Adrian will be at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a seminar two days earlier, but as to whether he's joining the band and Ike Willis will not be there...hmmm...I dunno. It's my impression that the band is being advertised as "Ike Willis and Project Object" for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gig, but Ike is flying back to LA after this Saturday night's final show of the tour and maybe circumstances are preventing him from flying back a month later? As I type this, I'm pretty sure it's inacurrate reporting again, but one never knows. Anyway, without further ado, here's the article, which is still pretty damn cool, and, if you click on that link, offers some nice photos of the Cleveland gig:

"Project Object Carries the Torch for Zappa Fans.

Article and Photos by Allisun Hovater

Thursday January 4th, I escaped the winter drizzle by nine p.m. to walk into a ballroom covered in fold-up chairs. This was an unusual scene seeing as the Beachland usually provides show goers with a naked dance floor. It was going to be comedy stand-up night, with a twisted rock n roll twist. My ears and eyes perked as I prepared myself for a trip through the Cosmic Debris for the resurrection of an obscure rock legend.

Hardcore Zappaheads and new cult members of the like were on hand for an annual Zappafestation at the Beachland Ballroom. Even while seated, the crowd was rip-roaring despite the less than avant-garde arrangement. The lighting was set, and five men took the stage to play out a frantic mathematical musical gallery that would otherwise be dead.

Dead if it wasn’t for front man/guitarist Ike Willis. Willis, while best known for his performance on Joe’s Garage, collaborated with Zappa’s band The Mother’s of Invention from the late 70’s until to early 90’s. As a portion of the Mothers, he decided to keep the ball rolling, carrying on Zappa’s legacy by enlightening others of this obscure sound and doing what he does best with great musical theory and composition. Project Object offers a hand-selected group of musical geniuses, including nineteen-year-old drummer Eric Slick who will probably put Neil Peart to shame in five years. This child prodigy had his own drum set by age four, and has played non-stop since. His amazing skills have earned him to perform with big names such as Napoleon Murphy Brock, Jon Anderson of Yes, Eddie Vedder, Ann Wilson of Heart, Adrian Belew, and John Wetton. Dave Johnsen’s pounding shred-a-rific bass rifts accent Andre Cholmondelay’s spacey guitar with a perfect whipped topping of moog/keys by Eric Svalgard.

The first set opened slowly with Incan Art Vamp, then ran straight into a tune called “Sy Borg,” a tale of an erogenous vacuum machine with many parts that suck and blow. Loud chuckles rumbled through the audience when, in the chorus, the narrator asked “for a blowjob.” Another song, “Baby Snakes” (pink and wet, they make the best kinda pet) was also filled with metaphoric perversion. How delightful and expected at a Project show. Ike and Andre’s distorted voice impersonations were done in sync and with proven spirit.

The best part of the show, the peak of the volcano, came when the band came out in silly plastic noses at the start of the second set to perform “Montana.” As a twist, they sang of being Nasal Floss tycoons instead of the known dental floss tycoon. The only faux pas with the performance of this well-known tune was that the chorus provided no female vocals, as heard on the album Over-Nite Sensation. The set then advanced to the songs “Ms. Pinky”, “ Dog Breath”, “Beauty Knows No Pain”, “Any Downers?”, and ending with “Uncle Remus.” An appropriate encore (as requested by Clevelanders) was, “Keep It Greasy,” this is a gross little ditty that proceeds to say, “So it’ll go down easy.” You can probably gather by the information given what the song may be about.

Project Object will make it back for another round, this time at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and museum, February 14th. The band, without Ike Willis, will join Adrian Belew at the Rock Hall two Days prior (February 12th). For more information on this kick-ass quintet, check out their website at"

So I don't know. I will call Eric later and try to get this sorted out but I'm going with my gut instinct that yeah, Adrian is in fact going to be there and in a perfect world, might end up joining P/O for a song or two, in a totally perfect world, Ms. Julie Slick will fly out to the Hall of Fame and the Adrian Belew Power Trio will do a few tunes, but it seems pretty unlikely that Ike will not be there as well.
I also found this review on the Project Object Forum Board regarding the band's recent gig in Pittsburgh:

"Club Cafe Show in Pittsburgh

This is a bit of a delayed post ...The Jan 3rd Pittsburgh show was excellent. I was with 3 other people and we were amazed at both the show and Eric Slick's playing.

Hard to believe he's so young and I can't wait to hear him when he's in his 30's!
Usually, drummers don't stand out so much but it was hard to not notice his playing. Great to hear Zappa's music live.

Nice job. Everyone"


I can't help it -- I'm beaming that everyone who hears Eric play singles him out with such high praise. I just hope he hires me as his official publicist when he hits the big time. Ha!

So the tour landed in Boston last night; they have a gig in Vermont tonight, and end with a show in Troy, New York on Saturday night which will feature the insanely talented Ed Mann. In the meantime, like I said, if I talk to Eric and get any more info or permission from other parties to break any of the totally major news I'm sitting on, I'll be back later.

And yeah, I do have writing news to spill as well but while my kid(s) are touring, I can concentrate on little else but I may not be able to contain myself much longer and yeah, may also come back with a separate post about that this afternoon/evening, too.