Saturday, January 13, 2007

Eric Slick = Behemoth

So tonight is your last chance to catch Project Object on tour - they end their winter swing tonight at Revolution Hall in Troy, New York and if you are anywhere in the area, what can I say...THEY ARE AMAZING! GO SEE THEM!

Okay? Okay!

In the meantime, here's a couple of reviews from recent shows:

From the Ween Forum Board:

"Went to the Lancaster, Pa show last night. Pretty good crowd for a Wednesday in the middle of nowhere. Great show as always except not one song from Joe's Garage which is what I really wanted. Ike IS Joe for Gods sake.

He has a great band behind him this tour. Seahag was on as usual but Eric Slick stole the show for me. That fucker can play and its great to see someone so young digging the Zappa stuff."
"Eric Slick is a behemoth. I have not seen someone dominate an instrument like that since Mike Watt. I had to peridocially scoop up and reaply my face because it kept getting melted off."
"I was looking at some of the pictures and I definitely see Eric Slick, that cute little drummer hanging around- Is he playing with Chris H?

Fucking 19 year old virtuoso-type drummer mother fuckers."

"Saw them last night in VT, amazing as usual. BTW, who the fuck is that new drummer? he's like 14, and he's amazing.

I wish it was the Sixties, I wish we could be happy..."
"Eric Slick. School of Rock Grad. Plays in Adrian Belews band and Harford's Band of Changes too. Supposedly distantly related to Grace."

From the Zappateers Forum Board

"Thanks again. This was a great show. Slick and Seahag blew me away.

So yep, Eric's a behemoth alright.

Behemoth: A creature or thing of monstrous power

Hahahahaha - that's going to be my new nickname for my son.

Yo, Behemoth, see you tomorrow. Any special dinner requests? Have I mentioned I miss you?

Well, at least I get to see the behemoth for a few days before he takes off for California. Can't wait to tell you about that next week. Oh.My.God.



lisaannette145 said...

Hahahahaha - that's going to be my new nickname for my son..."

How cool for Eric. Say did he meet Robert Fripp same time that you did?

Just curious.

Oh & good luck with Project Object.


Daryl Darko said...

"beee-heee-motth, beee-heee-motth..." i can hear the chanting start already! incredible reviews Robbie. incredible video. who shot it?

RobinSlick said...

Hey, LisaA - yeah, Eric met Robert when I did backstage at the P6 show and the two of them just had an email exchange a few days ago and that's all I'm saying on the subject!

The P/O tour is a labor of love - most of the guys in the band have other things going on but they love going out a couple times a year playing the music of Frank Zappa. They'll be back on the road in July for 10 days in Germany -- ha ha - Ade is giving him that time off this summer -- and in a perfect world, I'm going to find a way to go for a few days because it's a totally cool festival called Zappanale - I went in 2003.

Daryl...don't start! Heh. Just kidding. The girl who shot the video is a very cool artist from the Chicago area. If you click on the link I provided, it's actually part of her website and you can see all of her cool watercolors and painted cars, etc. The film takes a hell of a lot longer than 10 minutes to download so Eric tells me he's going to show me how to divide it in a couple of parts and post it to You Tube. Lucky boy is going out to the west coast Friday morning to spend three days at NAMM...more on that in a blogpost this week.