Saturday, December 09, 2006

What day is it again?

Here are some pics of Eric behind the drums at the Chris Harford gig yesterday

And in case you want to have a listen to the entire, hour long show, you can find the archives over here at NPR.

So we had a blast at the above mentioned gig; meeting Ween was quite wonderful...I love jam bands. They are so laid back and cool.

I heard from a girl I grew up with -- I don't think we've seen each other for thirty years -- anyway, she has a daughter who is a senior at Central High School and said daughter and best friend decided to do a magazine for their senior project. So after finding my blog and learning about Eric's involvement with Ween, she emailed me and asked if she could come to the show with her daughter and friend who would then take pics and interview them for this project. Both Dean and Gene Ween (ha) were outrageously patient and nice and here's a pic of them all together:

The four of them are so cute, aren't they? Though as I teased, err, Gene Ween, that hat makes him look like George Costanza in The Chicken Roaster Episode.

And how I love the internet -- it enables us to make contact with people from our past whom we would normally have lost touch with. I admit to being a bit of a Google nut when it comes to that myself...I look up everyone. So be warned!

Today it's back to the real world, i.e., me realizing it's only two weeks until Christmas and frantically trying to order some stuff at, only to get estimated shipping dates of March, 2007. Oh my god. And here I was all prepared to spend a little extra for overnight shipping...well, it's moot and I'm screwed. So now I need to do some emergency shopping at real stores and please kill me now, oh how I hate to shop unless it's for CDs or books.

Luckily, both Eric and Julie have requested the very thing.

Well, at least partially.

In other news, yeah, yeah, please vote for me every day as "best diarist, 2006 Weblog Awards" by clicking on the finalist logo on the right hand side of this blog but I'm being slaughtered and I don't want to discuss it because reading one of those blogs gave me the headache from's truly disturbed. So now I don't care so much if I don't win...well, I'm obviously not going to win...but I guess it would be cool to not finish in last place so I will in fact grovel daily until December 15 for your votes.

Grovel, grovel.

Next weekend should also be awesome because Julie and I are spending Saturday in New York where we will do more of the dreaded shopping -- but it will involve going to music stores so it will not be dreaded at all, actually -- stuff our faces at whatever amazing restaurant Julie picks out -- and then, Saturday night, which is December 16, we're going to see Eric on drums with this guy of this little "unknown" band -- they will be performing at The Lit Lounge. Tell all your friends - this is going to be an AMAZING show. Right now I'm in the process of trying to find a hotel room in NYC during Christmas season as part of Julie's xmas gift (don't worry, she already knows though she insists she never reads my blog, anyway)...but so far I can't find anything nice for under $1,000.00 a night. Ha! I'm now checking out hostels.

Eww, right. Like I could really share a bathroom with 17 strangers.

Nah, I'm actually finding some decent places in the east village and if I could just stop blogging this minute, I might actually be able to book a room now. So that's what I'll do.

Ooh, check that -- I'm currently instant messaging with Julie, who has already begun her restaurant search, and she just found Tamarind which, if you click on the menu, looks right up our respective alleys -- vegetarian for Miss Julie, salmon and hot Indian bread for me, and outrageous desserts for both of us.

Ah, life is good.

Okay, off to find us a hotel...please click on the Weblog Award logo to the right and vote for me...and um...I think that's it for now.

At least in theory.