Friday, December 08, 2006

Ahem..The Finalist of Diarists Speaks

Fabulous photo of the Fabulous Eric Slick by The Fabulous Daryl

So just a reminder that there are two major events happening today:

(1) My son is going to be broadcast live on XPN and National Public Radio all across America from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. eastern -- with Chris Harford and the Band of Changes featuring said son Eric Slick of The Adrian Belew Power Trio on drums, Dave Dreiwitz from Ween on bass, the brothers Ween themselves, Gene and Dean, and Scott Metzger, formerly of Particle. They will be interviewed and performing live at World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennslvania, as part of the WXPN Concert Series, to be broadcast nationwide on NPR as part of their Live Friday series. In case you cannot make it to World Cafe Life today, you can listen to a live stream of the show at the links provided for XPN and NPR above.

Here. I'll make it really easy for you. For the live stream at 12:00 noon eastern today, click right here for the WXPN link or here for the NPR link.

Hey, I just visited the NPR webpage to get that link, and they have a very nice write-up of the band:

"Chris Harford & The Band of Changes in Concert
Listen Live Online at Noon ET Friday

Band Members

* Chris Harford
* Dave Dreiwitz (Ween)
* Scott Metzger (Particle)
* Eric Slick (Adrin Belew Band)
* Aaron Freeman (a.k.a. Gene Ween)
* Mickey Melchiondo (a.k.a Dean Ween), December 6, 2006 · Chris Harford's music has been described as "beautiful, heart-wrenching and soulful," as well as "dark, rocking and dangerous." Regardless of the moods Harford's music evokes, his songs have a way of getting under the skin. Chris Harford & The Band of Changes -- backed by members of Ween, Particle and the Adrian Belew Band -- will perform a concert from WXPN and World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on Friday at noon ET.

Harford's newest CD, Looking Out for Number 6, was produced by Ween's Dean Ween and released in October. As for Ween, which is currently touring with Harford (and backing him during this performance), the group has spent the last 20-plus years cultivating a large and loyal underground fan base. Ween's countless recordings have run the gamut from primitive home-taping experiments to big-budget major-label hits; its latest release is a collection of outtakes and oddities titled Shinola, Volume 1."

Pretty cool, huh. And I just realized that if you are on the west coast or at work and cannot listen to the broadcast at noon today, it will be archived over at NPR at the link I gave you so you can have a listen in the future. Please let me know in the comments section what you think.

What you really want to also do is visit Chris Harford's MySpace and click on the song "Teach Me"...that's the single off the new CD and they'll be performing it today. Very cool song.

(2) Okay, voting has begun in earnest over at the Weblog Awards and I while I'm not writing my concession speech yet, I see I'm up against a blog named Dooce so popular she's got her own t-shirts printed up with her blog name and whatever the hell she is doing there with advertisers has made it possible for her husband to quit his job and be a stay at home dad. Note to self: Write this woman a letter and find out how she is accomplishing this! I mean, I did get solicited for advertising on my blog but I was under the impression it was, err, tacky. Now I'm thinking otherwise, though I would want places like CD and music stores and books and art for sale on my blog...oh right, they don't make any real money, what was I thinking. I mean, I do have links for the purchase of books on my blog -- like Neil Gaiman needs help from me though I could use help from asking his readers to vote for me but I'd rather save any favors from Neil for like, Hey Neil, would you please contribute to the anthology I'm editing which will contain short stories and poems about sexual relations/situations between people over age 39? Ha! Seriously, I have books for sale on my blog merely to turn people on to my favorite writers, like Ellen Meister and Susan Henderson. By the way, see the link on the right hand side of my blog for Susan Henderson's Motorhead? It's been nominated by Amazon Shorts for a Pushcart! Way to go, Susan.

So anyway, now that I've totally rambled off topic, let me get back to the weblog awards. See that link on the right with the Finalist Logo? If you click on it, it will take you right to the voting page for best diarist, where you will see that I am currently getting slaughtered by the above mentioned Dooce as well as some other chick who I guess has a huge MySpace/Live Journal/Facebook following...she's young and bitchy and cute and oh my god she makes me feel old and bitchy. Ha! Nah, all of the finalists are great and I wish them all well.

I'm skipping around like mad here, but speaking of Susan Henderson, I see Part II of her interview is up at The Publishing Spot. I love what she has to say here:

"And if you read a story in a magazine that makes you gasp or tear up, instead of saying, "Oh, I should submit a story there," stop and appreciate the one you just read. And then write to that author or editor and tell them what you liked about it.

As soon as you stop making the world all about you and your career, you realize it's a rich and mesmerizing place."

Ugh, I know a delusional author at my former online writing workshop who needs to read what Susan wrote and repeat it to herself several times...bah...she, and other ME ME ME psychotics over there are one of the many reasons I left the site and call it my "former" workshop.

Oh god, and now after writing that after reading Susan's words of wisdom, I now have to again beg you to vote for me as best diarist? Ha! Perfect. The story of my life.

But..err...please? Again, the Weblog Finalist Logo on the right hand side of my blog...all you have to do is click on it and vote...and you can vote anonymously once a day...they don't even ask your name, email address, nothing.

Or, you can simply click here.

Okay, I'm off to get ready for the XPN show. Eric needs to be there at 10:00 a.m. and I want to go early, too, and hang with the band.

What can I say? I should change the name of this blog to "Groupie Mom". final thing. This blog is actually named in honor of the late, great John Lennon, and his brilliant book of prose/poetry, John Lennon In His Own Write. Twenty six years ago today, he was assassinated by the CIA. A moment of silence in his honor, please.



Susan Henderson said...

Aw, aren't you sweet?

I tried to vote and can't get into the site. I think there must be such a huge line there trying to vote for you that I'll have to be patient.

Anonymous said...

The CIA??

RAC said...

I was working at a midwestern television station when John Lennon died, and to this day, the lyrics "the wheels go round and round" remind me of the day.

lisaannette145 said...

Hopefully you won't be writing your concession speech.


peanut and planet said...

it was a fun show - seemed like a strange amalgamation of people playing together. i think i most enjoyed eric and the members of ween.

i really like these XPN friday at noon shows - you can sneak out for a long lunch break and catch some live music. put me in a much better frame of mind.


Jason Boog said...

Thanks for the link!

As a veteran of a few writing workshops myself, I know how rare that humility and patience Susan Henderson mentions really is.

Great site, I'll keep coming back!

RobinSlick said...

Hey, thanks for the votes and:

Yeah, I'm sweet (but only if I like you);

Yes, the CIA killed John Lennon and I am really annoyed by anonymous posters so I think I will disable that feature now, smartass;

Richard, I heard the news via Howard Cosell during Monday Night football -- the worst possible way to hear it, I think;

LisaA, trust me, I'm conceding. I'm getting slaughtered...but if you guys want to continue to vote for me just so I don't end up in last place, that would be very cool.

Dr. Jess! Everyone congratulate Jess (peanuts&planet) because she came to Eric's show yesterday at noon and then handed in her thesis right afterwards...and she's now Dr. Jess!

Jason, as I'm pretty sure I emailed you (yesterday was crazy!), I really enjoyed your interview and your site and will add a permanent link to my blog today or sometime over the weekend...right now I'm multi-tasking and one of my tasks is burning in the oven right now.

Ellen said...

How was Eric's broadcast? I'll have to play it from the archives.

Glad you linked Sue's interview. I'm off to read that now.

Regarding that delusional writer you mentioned. Is she by any chance that narcissistic individual who thinks she's superior despite the fact that she can't spell, punctuate or form a coherent sentence?

Wait, don't answer that. :p

Voting for you daily, Rob ...

RobinSlick said...

Hi, Ellen - I updated my blog today -- the concert was awesome and I put a link up to the archives.

Yeah, of course you know who I am talking about. I found her blog, by the want to talk about narcissistic..."I have a new story up" "I'm published here" blah blah blah...and nary a comment from one reader in her comments section, perhaps because, she mentions no other writers, congratulates no one else on their accomplishments, or really tells us nothing at all except LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME. It was just too sad though at the same time, hilarious, because of all the typos. What I want to know is: Who publishes her stuff? Are the editors twelve years old and illiterate? Bah! I now have a new rule. If they publish her, I won't sub my stuff to them.

And that's the last I'm saying on the subject. Writers need to be supportive of each other...though notice I use the word "writer", which...ah...never mind. Rant over.