Friday, October 20, 2006

What the F*ck Is Up With Eric Slick?

Another cool pre Gaiman haircut Eric I found on the desktop just now (Eric! Please share these cool photos with your mother so I don't have to snoop around! If you have any more, throw me a bone and email them to me, will you? Ha.)

From the brilliant Mike Keneally's MySpace blog:

"And to those of you who made it to the electric gig in St. Louis, I know you share my sentiments, in fact you virtually mouth along with me, "what the fuck is up with Eric Slick? How can he possibly be that cool and amazing?" Not only did he learn all of my shit, he MEMORIZED it in a month and played it all without charts at the gig and ate it and smiled. Beller and I were astonished. BB and Slick and myself ran around under the St. Louis arch the night before the gig and it rained down its magical archy mojo on us. I figured that the shared experience would cause us to play 6% better at the show, but I'm upgrading my estimate to 14% because it was just that good. Many love bubbles floated to Dan Kinney for making the gig happen and to Fazio's for the use of the rockin' gear we used."

That just made me really smile.

Here's something that decidedly did NOT make me smile -- a forwarded e-mail I received from my fellow Frank Zappa fan Dave down in Florida:

"Dear David,

This week something truly incredible happened.

When we first walked into the office Monday morning, everything seemed totally normal. We talked about our weekend. We talked about the baseball game. And, we went to go get coffee.

But, things were far from normal at a Wal-Mart store near Miami, Florida. At 9 a.m., over 200 employees of that store walked out (the first time in Wal-Mart's history) and protested Wal-Mart's unfair policies which cut their hours and wouldn't let them tend to a sick child.

These courageous workers not only got their hours restored, but demonstrated why it is so important for us to build public pressure on Wal-Mart to change into a responsible, moral employer.

Sadly, though, while Wal-Mart's own employees were protesting how bad conditions have become, Wal-Mart's executives in Bentonville were planning a full-scale attack on Democratic leaders who have called on Wal-Mart to treat its employees better.

Wal-Mart's planned attacks are a disgrace and, on behalf of those 200 employees in Florida and every hard-working American, we are not going to sit back and let Wal-Mart try and "Swift Boat" real leaders so that it can continue to mistreat its employees, eliminate health care options, ship American jobs overseas, oppose a living wage, and even lobby against strengthening America's national security.

Please check out our new TV ad and send it to at least 5 friends:

Video Clip

Starting Monday, October 23rd, we are launching a major new voter education campaign because we think every American needs to know that when you shop at Wal-Mart you are helping George Bush and the right wing take America in the wrong direction.


Because, Wal-Mart has contributed 80% of its campaign money to George Bush and right-wing politicians, and Wal-Mart supports a political agenda that hurts hard-working families.

This isn't about whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. This is about whether or not you are going to allow a big, powerful corporation like Wal-Mart to use our democracy against the best interests of the American people.

While Wal-Mart's political agenda may be good for Wal-Mart's rich executives and George Bush, it is bad for hard-working families and America. But, this Election, with over 278,000 supporters, we have the power to stop Wal-Mart's right wing agenda and turn the frown upside down.

Go to TurnTheFrownUpsideDown to learn more.

Thank you for all that you do,

The Team

Now you know this is what I've been saying since 2000, when that sick, evil moron stole the election. I refuse to ever set foot in a WalMart again...even if they do offer $10.00 CDs and cheap light bulbs. In fact, their $10.00 CDs, which are under-priced to lure you into their fucking piece of shit store, are the reason several mom and pop CD stores have gone out of business...hell, even Tower Records bit the dust. Yeah, yeah, I know there are those of you will blame downloads, but WalMart and their ilk contributed to the downfall bigtime.

Please, please, please do not forget to vote this November and show our Real Axis of Evil that we don't want his pals in office anymore.

Okay, stepping off my soapbox now, here's what's up for next week:

(1) I have finally broken down and hired an official webmistress to completely overhaul and the new site should be ready by next week;

(2) I'm hoping to debut my new book covers here in a couple of days;

(3) Julie and Eric did a PodCast for Krimson News which should also be up very shortly...don't worry...I'll post billboards as soon as it's available;

(4) Julie and Eric along with Sarah Zimmermann, a/k/a the Sarah Zimmermann trio, performed their first gig last night in Philadelphia. I hear it was great but since it was their first time playing together and were a bit nervous, I did them a favor and stayed home but their dad went and said they truly rocked...however, if you are in the New York City area, they will be playing tomorrow night at The New York Knitting Factory -- the show starts at 6:30 p.m. and they'll be performing in Asbury Park, New Jersey at Asbury Lanes on Sunday night at 8:00 p.m.

I also have a lot more music news about my talented duo but I'll be needing their permission to blab it, and since they won't be awake for hours...

This may or may not be it for now. We'll see.