Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Odds and Sods for Tuesday, October 10

So the above is the poster for Eric's show with Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller this Friday night in St. Louis. Eric is in circle #3 pre-Neil Gaiman haircut (see post below) -- man, this is going to be such an awesome show, I wish I could be there. He flies to St. Louis early Thursday for two days of rehearsals and then returns to Philadelphia Saturday night...then two weeks later takes off for Texas with Julie for the west coast portion of the Adrian Belew tour.

What a life, huh.

My beautiful, talented friend Ellen Meister is having quite a week, too. First, her book gets a mention via our mutual beautiful, talented friend Jordan Rosenfeld on NBC!

(Go to the NBC site and click "Play" -- Jordan does an amazing, amazing job talking up Ellen's book!)

If that's not cool enough, Ellen is interviewed at Novel Journey...and I just had a look at some of the other authors interviewed...holy cow, Ellen!

I'm just so freaking proud of my friends. Not only are they incredibly talented authors, they are generous, caring women who somehow find the time to offer support and kindness to fellow writers (while simultaneously taking care of their families..ha ha...I know Ellen personally of course and don't know how she manages it...read the interview and you'll see what I mean).

And...another Ellen interview on Jennifer Prado's site...Jennifer has also interviewed a couple of other great authors like Roy Kesey and Jim Tomlinson, who have both written "must read" books...check out their interviews as well. Good stuff.

Sue Henderson has a brilliant, provocative piece at The Huffington Post today. It will be very interesting to monitor her essay for comments and I hope that some of my readers will weigh in, too.

So that's it for now. I still have the head cold from hell and want to assume the fetal position but I have my own book to work on and have already received a submission for the anthology I'm editing which I cannot wait to read. I'll talk more about that and some other projects I'm working on later in the week when I'm feeling more coherent.