Friday, September 01, 2006

Today's Headlines...

Adrian Belew Power Trio exiting the stage on the final show of their summer tour in Lake Worth, Florida -- August 19, 2006

From Pollstar, the Concert Hot Wire:

Something New For Belew
Updated 02:49 PDT Fri, Sep 01 2006

"With several tours of the U.S., Europe and Australia already under his belt for this year, guitar wiz Adrian Belew has booked another round of concerts.

He'll be on the road from November 1-15, starting in Dallas and moving through the Southwest and up the coast to finish in Portland, Ore.

In May, the guitarist announced he would be performing with a new power trio, assisted by the brother-and-sister team of Julie and Eric Slick on bass and drums, respectively.

Belew released a new album, Side Three, this past April. It's the third installment of an electric guitar-based trilogy that started in January 2005.

The musician suffered a loss earlier this summer when longtime engineer Ken Latchney passed away of a heart attack. Latchney had anchored a team that accompanied Belew live and in the studio for the past decade."

Dates for The Adrian Belew Power Trio out west:

Wed 11/01/06 Dallas, TX Granada Theater
Thu 11/02/06 Austin, TX Cactus Cafe
Sat 11/04/06 Santa Fe, NM Santa Fe Brew. Co.
Sun 11/05/06 Phoenix, AZ Rhythm Room
Tue 11/07/06 Solana Beach, CA Belly Up Tavern
Wed 11/08/06 Long Beach, CA The Vault 350
Thu 11/09/06 San Francisco, CA Slim's
Fri 11/10/06 Saratoga, CA Montalvo Arts Center
Sat 11/11/06 Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst
Mon 11/13/06 Eugene, OR McDonald Theatre
Tue 11/14/06 Seattle, WA The Triple Door
Wed 11/15/06 Portland, OR Aladdin Theater

I'm currently eating my heart out over this and must work my magic to at least make the Portland show as that's one of my favorite cities. But oh, I'd love to do San Francisco, too, and you know once I fly out there, I'd want to stay a few days, and...

Nah, I can't. It's Gary's turn. And he's never been to San Francisco, Seattle, or Portland, which just happen to be three of my favorite cities in the U.S. I could really see living in Oregon -- the combination of mountains and beaches just took my breath away, but as crazy as it sounds, I'd (still) rather be in Philadelphia.

However I wouldn't mind another home in Portland.

Or San Francisco.

I can't live in Seattle because I have crazy curly hair and that climate would force me to wear a hat every day.

Okay. Enough rambling. On to the announcements:

Today marks the grand opening of Susan Henderson's new blog. I'm waiting for Susan Herself to make the announcement and put up the link on her PM page before linking it here so check back later and I'll have it for you.

ETA: Err...I've stumbled on it and if anyone would like a sneak peek...well, you didn't hear it from me, but you might be able to find it right here....

And another good friend of mine, Jordan Rosenfeld, who is about to make a big splash in the literary world, has a new site as well, and you can find it right here.

In other news, yep, Another Bite of the Apple is still highest rated in erotica over at Fictionwise and not only that, it's moved to a #30 position out of 1,974 books in that genre. Not bad, eh?

You should also continue to check out Bloggasm every day -- and not just because they were kind enough to interview me. Look for them to continue to post interviews and news about shining stars in the literary world and you should also snoop around the site and click on some links for some fun information about Simon, webmaster/owner of the site, very cool writer himself, and all around groovy guy though he warned me if I continue to read his personal blog, be prepared for a lot of whining.

What, a male who whines? Nah...

Ha ha - just kidding, just kidding.

Meanwhile, can you believe this is the last weekend of the summer? Man it flew by quickly this year. All the more reason why I always take my vacation at the beach the last two weeks of not only extends the season, but all of the tourists are gone and I have the place to myself. Ahh...two weeks of long walks on a deserted beach, writing longhand in my journal, and sharing pizza and the world's best donuts (Brown's, St. Charles and the Boardwalk) with my dog.

This just in from son Eric: Last night he went to the Flaming Lips concert and since Ween opened up for them and as readers of this blog know, Eric occasionally sits in with members of Ween on drums so he was given backstage passes and met all of the Lips who were then kind enough to invite Eric and friends on stage to dance during their set. Pretty cool, huh. Also backstage were the openers, Sonic Youth and the Magic Numbers, and Eric hung out and chatted with them as well.

Eric has like the world's best life, doesn't he?

I think that's about it for today, but you never know...