Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Did I say I was looking for Project Object reviews?

Eric Slick in Baltimore on May 6, 2006. As you can see by the (much better) quality of the recent photos, I've abandoned the idea of photography as a hobby and turned the camera over to Eric's dad.

Hey, have I mentioned I've been surfing the web all OCD every day looking for Project Object reviews? Ha! Only like a gazillion times. But hurrah, I found a goldmine this morning at the forum board of The Breakfast, an amazing blues/rock band from Connecticut who opened for P/O in Baltimore Saturday night. Rock School people take note - they also had really cool stuff to say about you guys and when I joined the forum and saw some footage of the show, I suggested they put it up on You Tube and they were kind enough to immediately comply!

So without further ado, here is Project Object, featuring the awesome drum work and back-up vocals of Eric Slick along with The Breakfast’ guitarist extraordinaire Tim Palmieri, performing the Zappa masterpiece Cosmik Debris:

Thank you to the folks at The Breakfast again, and I understand they'll be at Coda at 34th and Madison in New York City this Saturday night. They are really worth checking out -- and once you see their guitarist in action in the above You Tube movie I'm sure you'll agree.

Anyway, getting back to Project Object, remember, I'm Eric's mother (ha -- as if I'd ever let anyone forget) so the following reviews plucked off The Breakfast forum board are excerpts which mention him:

The drummer who is now with Project Object from school of rock was unbelieveable-19 year old kid totally ripping it up on stage.
This was my 24th Object show and by far the best. Even though Napoleon was off playing with that farce Zappa Plays Zappa, Object brought the energy to a new level thanks to a 19 year old Terry Bozzio clone. This kid is probably the best drummer I've ever seen live. The amount of energy he gives off, the playing with one hand, the theatrics, the display of technical prowess and his overall apperance were second to none. They covered my favorite Ike Willis solo song, which featured his funky wife on backup vocals. I couldn't contain myself, Object destroyed every shred of sanity I had left.
This was my first Project Object show and I was blown away. Drummer was incredible and the bass player was a freakin' animal. Don't understand how that kids hand weren't a bloody mess by the end of the show.
Lots of talent on the stage last night, wow. PO drummer/ school of rock grad is so energetic and nasty on the drums...definitely gives it a whole fresh feel. He is in a Captain Beefheart tribute band out of New Haven too.
Ahhhh...I'm happy now.

So today started out really great. The dog woke me up with a big stuffed animal in his mouth which cracked me the hell up. When I rolled over and went back to sleep, he tried a stronger tactic -- this time he got one of his big ass chew bones and stabbed me in the head with it. I'm serious. He repeatedly poked me with that thing until I opened my eyes.

"What do you want, Monty?"

He raced downstairs and I followed.

Breakfast. He wanted breakfast.

God he makes me laugh.

And then how weirdly fitting that after I fed him, I got the above cool info from a band called The Breakfast. I love serendipity!

Next, I checked my e-mail and there it was at last. The ARC (Advance Review Copy) for Another Bite of the Apple! All of my edits were on the mark. Okay, I had two little mistakes which I was aware of last night and fixed and sent off to my publisher before I went to bed. They were pretty funny -- I had my characters doing two things which were physically impossible -- one which would have required the female character to have double FF cup breasts and another which would have meant the man was also of, err freakish proportions.

Sheesh. Next time I'm trying these things out personally before I write about them.

(Yes, I know. I have a very hard life)

(Did I just say "hard"? Ha! Oh god, it'll take me a few days to get all of those references out of my head after writing about them for three days straight)

But err...since I am having such a good day, let's top it off with a serious twisted Neil Gaiman moment. If you were to ask me my favorite food...and I think it's even on my Amazon author's profile...I'd have to say sushi. So this combination is almost too much for me to bear: