Friday, May 26, 2006

The Adrian Belew Power Trio: Can you say sensational and stunning?

Julie Slick and Eric Slick performing with Ann Wilson of Heart

Good morning and Happy Holiday Weekend!

Okay, so even though I've been broadcasting it everywhere, Adrian Belew has made it offical last night on his website but of course me being me, I'm so excited I'm cutting and pasting it here anyway:

"dear tribe,
in case you haven't heard I have changed my power trio to include eric slick a nineteen-year-old drummer from philly who has been causing a sensation playing spot-on versions of zappa material with the zappa tribute group project object and his twenty-year-old sister julie slick who is a bassist of equally stunning talent. eric and julie have played together most of their lives and have a maturity and knowledge beyond their ages. both are graduates of the paul green school of rock and former members of the school of rock all-stars which puts them in a rare class of players indeed. I want to thank their parents robin and gary slick for nurturing such bright gifted people and paul green for putting me in touch with them.

I can't wait to play for all of you again soon.

may 25, 2006"

Can you imagine waking up to that first thing this morning? And a really lovely letter from Adrian's webmaster Rob Murphree welcoming Julie and Eric to the band, too? I'm having major breathing problems here!

Anyway, it's going to be a really crazy weekend. In between rehearsing, Julie and Eric have all kinds of stuff going on and it's going to be a hotel here over the next four days with boyfriends and girlfriends and big dances and parties, a concert by Ween down by the river, and a day trip to the beach at Ocean City where we will have our first Brown's donuts and Mack and Manco's pizza of the season.

I was supposed to go to Balticon this weekend but all of these recent exciting developments are keeping me with the family so no, I do not get to hang out with Neil Gaiman after all (as if) but since my spirits are so high right now, this will hold me until I do get the chance one of these days...

Hey, Neil! My kids are in Adrian Belew's band! You going to be in Italy, Holland, or Germany in July? How about Chicago, Indiana, or Atlanta? I can get you backstage!

(insert smiley face emoticon here)

Happy weekend everyone.

The Sassy Mum


Ellen said...

Adrian Belew is a class act. So glad your kids hooked up with someone whose character matches his talent.

Congrats again, proud mama!


Susan Henderson said...

That's one hell of an announcement.

And one utterly beautiful man. Thanks for derailing my head once again - right before I sit down to get some work done.

RobinSlick said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yeah, I didn't want to post it here because I didn't know how he'd feel about it, but I have to forward you gels the email I got from Adrian's webmaster. You know me -- instant tears.

Heh. I knew you'd like that photo, Sue. I'll say it again. He really needs to lift the ones from my collection for his own site because, well, I have a really good eye for beauty, don't I?

David Niall Wilson said...

You bask well ...

I mean in the pride over your kids...this is a great announcement, a great PRO-nouncement of Eric and Julie's talent and a big help furthering their careers...

Not to mention they get to fly around the world with Adrian Belew...

I wonder if he'd do an interview with me?


Ms. Lori said...

Robin! This is SO amazing and cool and WOW! Congratulations to your beautiful, talented children (and to you).

Oh, and one more thing...

SOUL PATROL!!! (sorry)

RobinSlick said...

Ha! Thanks, Dave...but you need to stand in line behind me for the interview. I won't be long, I promise.

Lori, I love you, I swear. And I'm starting to suspect that we are sisters in novel procrastination yet need a twelve step program for blogging. Anyway, you just made me have to google Soul Patrol and it took my dead brain cells 10 minutes to figure out what the hell you were talking about.

I have five things to say.

David Bowie, Talking Heads, King Crimson, Tori Amos and yes, Nine Inch Nails.

That is all.


Finbar said...

I envy your kids... Adrian Belew is my idol. I worship the ground he walks on.
And no, I don't know you. I'm sorry... I just linked here from and now I feel bad for leaving a comment to a complete stranger. I was just gonna read it... but then when I saw that Adrian Belew's new bandmates are MY AGE... I was so teeming with jealousy I had to let it be known.

Dave Clapper said...

Adrian Belew? No shit? That kicks major, major ass, Rob! When will they play Seattle?

RobinSlick said...

finbar, feel free to comment any time. Anyone who makes music is a friend of mine. Wait, check that. Not if you are a member of Aerosmith or any of the American Idols. Ha. And how cool that you are a Belew fan!

Dave, I know they want to add more dates to the tour and I'm one of those people who like serendipity -- I've been to Seattle two years in a row with Julie and Eric on tour for different reasons and you've been there each time. How cool would it be if we could make it three in a row.

Now. What's the big secret in Smokelong for September because if it concerns a certain person with a book coming out in August, I want to be a part of it somehow!

Finbar said...

1) How'd you know I make music?
2) I WILL feel free to comment any time! It's an honour to comment on your blog! You're the mom of not one, but TWO of Adrian Belew's bandmates. It's not being served Coke on ice in the court of the twang bar king or jamming with him... but it's a start.
3) Would you like a link to my blog? It isn't much, it's just a music journal, and it's fairly new too, but I figure as long as I'm commenting on your blog, it's only fair to offer you the opportunity to comment on mine.

RobinSlick said...

I clicked on your name, Finbar, which took me to your website. So that's how I knew.

I'll gladly link your blog.

Finbar said...

Oh. Oh yeah! Duhr me. I did put that old link up there. Well... did you listen to the sample .mp3? If not, listen to the Chainsaw song! Please! It's just two minutes long... please let me know what you think. Even if you think it's crap... if it's worse than American Idol or Aerosmith, let me know!

If you click on my name in this post, it'll take you to my blog.... again, it isn't much. Just a music listening journal.

RobinSlick said...

Hey, very cool, Finbar. Certainly better than 99% of the stuff out there now. Good job!

And if you click on my January, 2005 archives or use the search feature and type in his name, you'll see a photo of a 17 year old Eric with Tony Levin. They also did Elephant Talk.

Finbar said...

Yeah! Damn straight! We got more where that came from too... as you can tell, the recording was pretty crappy... you can barely hear my voice at all... the song comes across even better live. Especially 'cause I've sinced changed the lyrics in one part to "A chainsaw ruins your shit!"
All our songs are that good. And I don't mean they all sound like Chainsaw... they're all varied and, you know, what great music should be like! And we do a few covers too! Like Mystic Cave Zone from Sonic 2 or Manic Depression by Jimi Hendrix. And we do interesting new things with already cool songs like "humanized percussion."
Anyways, if for whatever reason you ever find yourself in Toronto, you should see my band if we're playing at the time.... it's like nothing you've seen before, our show.

And that's awesome your kids opened up for Tony Levin and the CGT. Man... Man!