Tuesday, April 11, 2006

One day and counting until Eric Slick goes on tour with Project Object!

I'm not sure about this, but I think this is a photo of Eric Slick a year ago on drums when he was still with the Rock School All-Stars and they opened for Project Object. Weird how life is one giant cycle, isn't it?

Okay, now I'm really getting nuts -- one more day until Eric leaves on tour with said Project Object (and if you didn't check out their website link yesterday, please do so today because Eric's bio is now up in the band section!) and of course as we're sitting around yesterday, I'm like, "Eric, do you have everything you need?"

And he's like "Yeah, mom. I have ten sets of drumsticks; I have drum cases, a new drum rug..."


"Shh..Mom, I'm trying to learn a song" (He's got his headphones on and he's hooked up to his laptop)

"Okay, not to sound like your mother or anything, but have you started packing?"

"No, I need a bunch of stuff washed first."

"Well, bring it downstairs and I'll do it for you."

"Nah, that's okay. I'll do it tomorrow."

Well, fine, that's cool with me. But then I had another thought:

"Eric? What about stuff like toothpaste and shampoo...I mean, I know hotels have little shampoos and conditioner samples but you are kind of picky and you're used to the good herbal/organic stuff I buy....do I need to go out tomorrow and pick you up a bunch of toiletries? I mean, I'm aware you're not going to Siberia, but you are going to be on the road for five weeks and you don't drive and maybe the other musicians aren't going to want to chauffeur you to drug stores, etc. in their free time, you know?"

"Oh yeah, I guess so. Right. Okay, mom, if you want to go out and pick me up some stuff, that's really cool."


Now I'm in full mother mode altogether and am like a crazy person looking around the house for stuff he can also take to eat, like boxes of his beloved Frosted Mini-Wheats which he eats every single day for breakfast. Though interesting, most of the musicians in Project Object are vegans and I made a bet with my daughter and Eric's dad that Eric comes back from the tour a vegan, too.

Note to self: Learn what the fuck falafel is made out of and learn how to cook it

Anyway, in more sobering news, I've been asked for the past couple of months not to mention something going on in Julie and Eric's lives right now and up until today, I've respected their wishes. One of their very close friends, Dan Nitz, a very talented musician, is suffering from leukemia and just spent a month in the hospital receiving some pretty heavy duty chemo and his battle isn't over yet. The reason for this post, then, is that I just discovered that Dan is not only loved by the entire Rock School family, he has fans all over the world as a result of the Rock School Zappa program and his subsequent trip to Germany with the All-Stars to perform at Zappanale this past summer.

The folks in the Zappa community have posted this on their forum board today:

Here's a photo of Daniel Henry Nitz, one of Paul Green's School Of Rock Music kids, who played at Zappanale #16. He is fighting leukaemia and has undergone intensive chemo and a bone marrow transplant. If you want to send him an email to tell him that he has friends around the world, hoping he gets better and to give him some support in his struggle to live, please do so at mailto:danielhenrynitz@yahoo.com.

For the record, this info is not correct, Dan has not undergone a transplant as of this time but all I can say right now is, Dan, we all love you and our thoughts are with you and your family. And to any Rock School kid reading this and any other friends - please write to Dan and send him your best wishes and support. When John Wetton was in town, he visited Dan in the hospital with Rock School's Paul Green and we thank John for his kindness and generosity.

Okay, on a lighter note, was anyone besides me tempted to bid on this little item mentioned in Neil Gaiman's blog? I admit I was tempted when it was in the $160 range, but um, now it's gotten a bit out of hand.

Besides, I'm holding out for the worn by Neil signed t-shirt.

So I continue to work on my current short erotic story for Phaze Publishers and after I realized how many pages it now was and I did a word count check, I'm terrified to think I may be in fact writing another novel! Oh man, unlike everything else in my life, why does writing erotica come so easy to me?

Heh. Don't answer that. Not exactly the best choice of words, either.

But I think it's actually been a good thing. It's relaxing and also proves to me that I can write with kids in the house, music blasting, and even while taking phone calls screaming at Capital One who now deem it necessary to call this house several times a day from 8:00 a.m. on to offer Julie and Eric credit cards. Oh yes, just what they need. I keep telling them "Take us off the call list!" and I even signed up for that feature but Capital One apparently makes their own rules and doesn't give a fuck about the law. Hey! Are they owned by George Bush? Hmm...I should check into that. I bet there's a Bush pal somewhere heading up that company. But yeah, getting back to writing, I should lighten up as concerns my mainstream novel and just let it fly the way I do when I write erotica and not be so concerned about my surroundings...I think I'm just using the insanity of my turned into a college dorm house as an excuse. I have lived in the city all my life -- I'm used to noise! So between having fun with this piece and the fact that I'm taking a three day vacation -- internet free -- in New England this weekend, I'm feeling pretty loose and will certainly have my pen and journal with me in case I want to make this a working vacation, too.

Anyway, I think that's all for today. I want to do some work on my porno..I mean, erotica piece, do some edits on the novel, run out and buy Eric all the shampoo he can use, and then, as per his request, make him his favorite dinner as a going away present: Chicken parmagiana with brown rice pasta. With Ben & Jerry's Phish Food for dessert.