Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Eric Slick in LA - Part One - The Riot House

So here's the hotel where Eric is staying in LA for the next five days:

"Just as The Rainbow was the meeting spot for the rock and roll elite, the “Continental Hyatt House” was where the party always ended up. The Hyatt House (now the Hyatt West Hollywood) was nicknamed “The Riot House”, and for good reason. The parties are legendary. Virtually every rock and roller who was worth his or her salt stayed at the Riot House at one time or another. Three reasons come to mind as to why the Continental Hyatt house became a central point in L.A.’s rock and roll sub-culture. They offered (and still offer) band rates on multiple rooms, it was within minutes of no fewer than 32 record companies and probably more importantly, the Hyatt was merely a short limousine ride (or drunken stumble) east from The Rainbow and the Roxy. Not much has been told of the goings on at the Hyatt House."

Tonight Eric and the Rock School All-Stars are performing at a very special party sponsored by Digitech where there's going to be a very special presentation and some very special guests and Eric said if I blab one word of any of these top-secret details this morning he's going to kill me and since he's got his laptop with him and can check, I'd better stop right now before the temptation is too great. But he's going to be in touch with me either late tonight (ha ha - he knows I wake up at 5:00 a.m. and he'll probably just be getting in at 2:00 a.m. LA time) or early tomorrow and your Hollywood reporter here will file her report as soon as she gets the okay.

Oh man, this is killing me. I wish I could give at least one hint.

But alas, that's all for now, darn it. Stay tuned..