Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Community College Poets and Writers Festival tonight at 5:15 p.m.

Julie snapped this photo yesterday because I was moaning that it is impossible to take a flattering picture of me. This still isn't great, but at least I don't look like I'm a stunned circus freak -- my expression is more on the order of I've heard the news that Alito is being confirmed today. Monty dog, however, is his usual gorgeous self and as his custom whenever I sit down, attached to my hip.

So I know they're announcing the Oscar nominees later this morning, but before they do, I thought all Rock School parents would like to have a look at the list on the official Oscar site: List of Eligible Releases for Distinguished Achievements during 2005 78th Annuel Academy Awards.

What the hell. They say those damn penguins are going to take all the honors, but you never know...

Anyway, yay Rock School!!!

Last night I went out to dinner with Julie and boyfriend Matt at Las Cazuelas and I got all emotional, because among other birthday gifts he gave her -- such as three days next weekend in Montreal at the Ritz Carlton (oh boy is she my daughter) -- Matt put together an album of everything from ticket stubs to concerts they attended to photographs of the two of them doing all kinds of crazy stuff over the last two years -- the west coast Rock School Tour, Rock School All-Stars at Zappanale in Bad Doberan, East Germany, 2003, and their various vacations together as well as the recent trip to England the three of us took in October. He's even got our UK train tickets in there, and directions given to us by the owner of a hip hop shop as to where we could find the best rock CDs in London. Arghh -- this is probably too personal so I'd better stop before I embarrass them further, and besides, just looking at the album closed on the table right now is causing my eyes to fill up.

Damn hormones.

But my daughter is a lucky WOMAN (arghh again) to have found such a great guy. What an incredibly sensitive and loving thing to do.

So as previously mentioned, I'm reading tonight at Community College Spring Poets and Writers Festival on behalf of Philadelphia Stories and it starts at 5:15 at the Winnet Building, 2nd floor, Room 3, 17th Street just below Spring Garden.

I have butterflies and I don't know why. I've read at KGB in New York which is as good as it gets and wasn't nervous at all. Okay, yeah, who am I kidding, I was scared to death, but they had alcohol there and a glass of wine beforehand did wonders.

I'll just tell myself I'm there tonight to hear the great Randall Brown and then kind of detach myself from my body when they call my name. Maybe Randall will switch places with me so it won't be too much of a let down when they get me after they hear him.

Maybe I should just calm down and go practice reading my story.