Sunday, January 29, 2006

And I was worried about 2006 not being exciting (though I'm still cringing over the Gaiman incident)

Too funny - I found this photo online on some kid's blog. Yet another "the back of my head shot" at the Gaiman signing, where he is HOLDING MY PEN! I can add this to the collection -- I have a whole series of back of my head shots from England, where I made the mistake of entrusting my camera to my daughter and her boyfriend. Actually, in light of the photo below that Eric took of me the night of the signing and in light of the fact that everyone who meets me says "Oh my god, you are so much prettier than your picture" I guess from now on, it's back of the head or nothing.

And by the way, I also found a picture of the vampire who sat next to me. See? I told you he was a normal looking guy!

So yeah, I've been in a great mood except for the times when I'm cringing over what a dork I was that night. Because I was so sure I'd never be able to top 2005 and I started realizing that not only did 2006 start out with that incredible reading, I have a ton of really cool stuff coming up.

I'm reading at Community College Tuesday night at 5:15 p.m. and I've made my decision to go the humor route and read a brand new piece though I will talk about my book a bit.

And I've heard from my publisher which is great news because I was really starting to get neurotic about that and naturally assumed they thought my book was a piece o'crap. Anyway, they've told me that Another Bite of the Apple, which is the sequel to Three Days in New York, will be released shortly and in time for the RT Convention in Daytona Beach, Florida this May and yes, yes, I will be attending and what the hell, I'll even dress as a vampire. Wait, what am I saying. No, no I won't. Maybe I'll wear a corset, though. I've always wanted to do that, anyway. I just hope they have dim lighting. People really get into it at this convention - you have all of the romance people dressed as fairy princesses and the paranormal people in the aforesaid vampire attire and then there's the people like me in a black shirt and jeans who wonder what the hell they are doing there but Phaze does publish erotica and they lump us in there, too, even though I will once again say for the last time THREE DAYS IN NEW YORK IS A COMEDY though, okay, it does contain very graphic sex but I'm kind of poking fun at everything in it.

I've also written a couple of new short stories and have gotten a lot of good feedback on Embouchure, a story I wrote a few months ago which was recently published here. So that, along with the whole Gaiman "You must be Robin" thing, restored my confidence - hence my writing tear. Damn. I'm still kicking myself for not asking him how he knew that. I guess it's going to be one of life's unsolved mysteries.

In music news, Eric and his band Flamingo have a gig at the Knitting Factory in New York on February 7; he's got the April-May tour with Project Object which will take him all over the place and I'll be flying here and there to see his shows in selected cities...and he's got something really, really exciting happening this week which I will spill probably Thursday or Friday. It could be major. Meanwhile, Flamingo is busy recording their new CD and I've heard the rough cuts. It's amazing. Mind blowing, even. And this is without the vocals yet, which still haven't been added.

Tomorrow is my daughter's 20th birthday. I'll have a lot more to say about this momentous occasion then, as well as recap our lunch Friday at Le Bec Fin.

That's a pretty funny story in itself.