Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Beatles/Pink Floid (ha - blame Neil Gaiman)

Allie Hauptman and Eric's last show at Indre Studios, Spring, 2005

I'm way busy today but let me just say that last night Beatle's show at Indre Studios was amazing! Stand-outs were Sinead and Lynne on Blackbird, every song with Foster, Gina is just a joy to behold as is Natasha, Rachel (man, can she sing), Hannah...other stand-out songs were Helter Skelter, Ticket to Ride, Taxman, Golden's what Dylan, General Manager of Philly Rock School had to say about it on the Rock School Forum Board:

"i saw the future of rock school, and it was strong and beautiful.
thank you.
-dmc "

Coming from Dylan, I think that's high praise and I felt the same way, though I have to admit I was all choked up going back to Indre for the first time since Eric's final performance with Rock School at the Zep show last spring. I kept looking around to see if other parents with whom I'd gone to shows for the past seven years like the Hauptmans and the Pollocks were there but of course they weren' know, as I said yesterday...things change, kids grow up, time fries, blah blah blah. Anyway, I had a blast last night and Gary had an even bigger one helping Nero out with the show. Nero is awesome! Well, so is everyone connected with the school. I sang along with every single song, and I wouldn't want to be Nero, trying to pick out the greatest 2-3 tunes for the Best of Season Show in January.
On Neil Gaiman's blog yesterday: Errata Silp
posted by Neil 12/17/2005 01:13:00 AM
"In the previous correction, David Gilmour was, of course, spelled David Gilmore . We trust there will be no further Pink Floid typos of any kind, unintentional or otherwise, in this blog."

I couldn't resist dropping him a note:

"Roger Walters thanks you very much".

Okay, I'm off to do whatever it is frazzled people do less than a week before Christmas. Ha ha - this is what a Jewish girl gets for marrying a gentile and raising her kids without religion but with a Christmas tree and many presents. Hell, my agnostic but still Jewish parents never even fulfilled the entire eight days of Hanukah. Okay, yeah, they did, but by the 8th day, my gift was something like a can of olives. (But hey, I love olives!)