Saturday, May 21, 2005

Part II

I was going to talk up last night's Rock School tribute to Led Zep but I've decided to wait until tomorrow so I can write all about tonight's final show for keyboardist Allie Hauptman and bassist Matt Rothstein. Also, there's a lot of new faces at Rock School and now that Julie and Eric have filled me in on who is who and I've seen the show, I'll be a lot better qualified to talk about each kid individually after I see it a second time tonight. Just know that everyone was awesome!

That being said, if you are anywhere in the Philadelphia area, come out for the Zep concert tonight. It's a brilliant performance and it's going to be a very touching finale for Allie and Matt. And of course it also marks the end of regular season shows for graduating All-Stars Eric Slick, Max DiMezza, Lauren Pollock, and Jeremy Blessing.

I was pretty good about not losing it last night, but I'm teary eyed sitting here now just thinking about this evening. Must not forget to bring the Kleenex.