Sunday, April 03, 2005

Ack, I had to post again because of Boner, I mean Bono...

DUBLIN (Reuters) - Pope John Paul II was the "best front man" the Roman Catholic Church ever had, U2's own front man Bono says.

Everyone knows how much I hate Boner and U2, so I had just to post his words about the Pope because, well...I don't know, I just hate Boner and he's such an asshole.

Though I do agree that this Pope was a special man.

But you know, there's that little issue of a woman's right to choose...


I'll go back to my novel now.

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Rotting Dead said...

I didn't know that Bono was so disliked, perhaps you can tell me more about why someday.

As for the Pope, may he rest in peace. Oh wait, he is on DISPLAY right now, maybe he will rest after the burial on Friday.

Well, good luck on re-writing your book!